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I received my gookit, and I already read the gookit page, but if anyone have got advices it is now the time to let me know.

I asked a question about coil size but no replies.

what about the pigments? Could someone detail how to use it?

I was thinking is was some powder, but it is like some pasta.

how to use it?


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Did you give a good read through DR. WHAT's tutorial?

When you say pigments, do you mean the stuff to color the wax, or do you mean coloring the liquid? I think you mean the wax coloring. I take a small amount (about the size of 1-2 grains of rice) and put it into the hot wax before I put the wax into the globe. Take the tiny little spoon provided and scrape a little of the pigment and put it into the container when you're heating up (melting) your wax. It doesn't take much pigment at all. 

As for coil sizes, use whatever is in the bottle. If you're GooKitting a new bottle and there is no coil, find one that goes to the outmost edge of the bottle, just like the regular lava lamps do. If you look at other lava lamps, you can see how far out the coil extends to the edge of the globe.

What kind of lamp/bottle are you GooKitting? 

I'm using my Fluidium Grande.

About the pigment, I read it is better to add it when the wax is flowing.

But I just had to take a little in the spoon, and pour it into the liquid? that's all?

I think you can add it while the wax is flowing, but I don't. I add it when the wax is being melted for the first time in the plastic jar. I can't comment on whether or not you can add it while the lamp is flowing - I've never done it that way. 

My advice is take your time, don't rush getting it done, especially when coloring the wax. Use the coil that came with the lamp. Also I'm confused what your saying about pigments and pasta lol.Read step 6 of the tutorial on how to color your wax.

I've added the dye as the was is flowing. Works no prob. Tends to float on the top, and then the wax eventually grabs it and it mixes in. If you're going for a very light color or something, add A VERY LITTLE amount, and let it mix in thoroughly before adding more.

I've just poured the melted wax into the globe.

The gookit bottle was so full after melting, I poured some away at the start, glad I was prepared to this and put some tissues to protect the globe!

while I'm waiting for it to cool, I'm not really sure which color I'll go.

I was planning to mix fluo green and normal green. Do you think the fluo will keep is property under uv lamp if mixed with normal dye?


I wondered that myself. I have orange dye and fluorescent blue dye,,,which looks white under normal light. I still have yet to try that. Good luck, and let us know how that turned out!

Well, for now I kind of like the white!

I wasn't expect it, but it looks good.

But I'm not really satisfied with the goo kit.

A lots of tiny wax particules, and I don't like the flow.

Too much column like and not going high enough :-(

I read on the gookit tutorial: more surf= more blob ; less surf: more column

so I want to add more surf, but I read on the forum the contrary, so who is right?

Maybe I'm gonna add glycerin or Propylene Glycol to make the lava goes higher and faster.

Any advices?


Well, one thing I would say is to always run a goo kit at least 2-3 times before you make a judgement about that. Everything has to settle in, as it were, and you should see how it is after that. I'm honestly not sure about glycerin or propylene glycol, as I have never used them myself.

This is the second run, and it runs for 14hrs now, so I guess it should be settle now :-)

I just added some surf, I'll see...

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