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I've had the luck of being able to choose what i want for Father's day and decided to get a Grande. I'm looking at getting from someone who allows exchanges but worst case it would be a candidate for a goo kit. I'll be reading up on how to remove/attach the caps. Wish me luck!

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Good luck! I know Mattmos (member here) got some from the eBay seller Sonic (or Sonix?) and they were clear. I don't know if they do returns though. 

What color are you thinking about getting?

I haven't decided on the color yet. I'm not even sure what's available. I've just wanted one but been afraid of getting one. I guess if I get a nice globe I'll be happy as i can do a goo kit. Sounds surreal saying that and being OK with it. 

I've only really seen blue/yellow, purple/pink and purple/yellow (I think). 

They are neat - when they work and aren't cloudy. ;)

I checked their website.They only have the Yellow wax/blue liquid. Ebay...same one. 

They offer a few colors...keep watching. Or contact them directly. 

I'll do that. I'm guessing the red/w clear liquid they won't be getting any more of. That would be my preference. I kinda like it, :)

That's one of the colors that I think can have the most issues. Clear/red - never seen a clear one brand new. 

I had one, dumped the liquid and refilled with tap water and it worked!


Well, that wouldn't be good. lol I guess if I get a globe that's perfect I'll be happy. At some point goo kit it and have a good lamp. I might feel around on the for sale forum and see if someone has one for sale.

whooo hooo ... how great is the gift of goo... I got my honey the Jester Icon for Fathers day..so much better than a tie..

Keep your eye on eBay - they'll have the other colors with free shipping sooner or later. I've seen them for $70, free shipping. 

I think it will be an awesome gift too! :) I'll keep checking Erin. Waiting for that special lamp.

Oddly enough it was a gift from my mom. She took me along garage sell looking and I found a Grande for $8 bucks. Base needs replaced/repaired but the globe is perfect. Oh my gosh these globes are heavy!!! It was a lot larger then I had for some reason expected. It's Purple/pink I think.

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