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I have 2 Grande issues. 

1. My pink neon Heritage Grande that flowed so beautifully is giving me grief. I noticed about a week ago that the flow turned into balls that were filled half way with air and stayed stationary and floating like little ethereal jellyfish.  It looked surreal. They didn't sink or rise. The next day when I started it up the flow was a big mound at the bottom with a little spike that spit little bitty balls of wax that didn't rise to the top all the way.  I had it on full heat. I tried less heat. I switched the bulb. I spun it. Now I simply have the mound and it won't flow. The globe gets really hot.   I went down to the stash and pulled a globe that I knew had phenominal flow and stuck it on the Heritage base. Yup, phenominal flow for days now. Why would this pink Grande suddenly act up?

2. The Grande that has the phenominal flow mentioned above has been in its box in a cool basement and untouched for about a year. When I put it away it was purple/yellow. This thing is from 2003 and always has been purple/yellow. When I pulled it out it was perfectly clear/bright yellow. Yay! I love it and conveniently I'm on a clear kick.   I was tired of the purple/yellow...thus, it was in a box for a year. Why after all of these years would it suddenly lose it's color while in a closed box? Could it be the temperature of the basement? 

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Look at the bottom of your pink heritage globe.

It will probably have one coil.

Lavalite released a 2-coil version of this lamp when it first came on the market, and the flow was phenomenal...not just for the first 3-4 runs, but indefinitely. Then they switched to 1 coil, called the previous 2-coil version "a manufacturing error", insulted and belittled anyone who had problems with the flow from the 1-coil versions eventually, and dared to say differently, AND THEN RELEASED A 50th ANNIVERSARY GRANDE WITH 2 COILS.

Now you tell me who was right, and who was wrong in that whole debacle.

You can fix your heritage grande by opening it, and adding a 2nd, 52oz coil, if you happen to have one, and good luck getting the grande sealed back up. Otherwise you can contact lavalite, but they won't care.

Ah heck. I was afraid it would come down to the coil issue. I don't have one lying around right now but probably will in the future when I'm ready for Kirk to redo 2 of my 3 Grande glitters, none of which are impressive. What in the world makes the coil work for only a few times and then crap out? As for poor customer service.....yep......one of my pet peeves. Thank you for your help Loren. I appreciate the feedback.

So I need to fix this lamp because I finally found the green mate!!! That one had better work! Does anybody know where to get the yellow caps Kirk mentions in his directions on filling a Grande? Then there is the challenge of finding a 52 ounce coil. One step at a time...Darn this thing.

Wanda,     Somewhere in the archives I believe Kirk or maybe Dr. What gave a website.   I know I went and looked at them


Thanks, I will definitely dig around because I'm determined this thing will flow.
Let me know if you find it. Same problem

Tried to find it again but couldn't.  I'm pretty sure it was a plumbing supply type place.  If you took a copy

of Kirk's picture and some good measurements they could probably help you. 

Finding anything on the site is a challenge on this phone alone. My laptop went into hibernation and won't come out! I'm on a roll here. That's a good suggestion. Thank you. I'll share when I find the answer.

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