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I have a grande in red, yellow lava. Common unit. 2 or 3 years old and really works great. However, it has recently changed color. Originally a deep rich red water color which made the yellow lava red. Now after a little of an extended period on, the water has faided to an orange color with the lava as well. Still working great but color has changed.

I am pretty knowledgeable about these lamps. I rebuild them all the time for myself and friends. Replacing both fluid or lava to different colors. Never seen a original lamp change color like this. Any ideas??

Second question. If I ever have to get into a grande, how have others done it and then resealed.


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Thanks for the reply. Mine is in a finished basement, so sun is not an issue. Appreciate the info on removing the cap.

Took the cap off and added food coloring.  Got it back to that deep rich red.  Not sure why it faded but pale orange water was not a very good look. Happy again.  Thanks.

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