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Hi All

All of my GU10 Telstars have stuck bulbs, has anyone else had this issue? 

I've tried litrally everything. Sometimes they get stuck stright away, sometimes I can change the bulb once or twice before thet get stuck in the base. 

I've seen a couple of reviews on Amazon saying the same so I guess it happens but all of mine are useless at the moment :(. 

Thanks for any help! 

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The only thing I can imagine is that whenever you turn the lamp on/off there is a small spark at the pins of the bulb and over time it becomes sort of a welded spot. I've had switches do that. I would try lubrication like wd40 spray and stay gel lubricant to fill the gaps or probly better a snubber capacitor (x2 type) to surpress the spark...but dont ask me where to put it, space is probly tight.

Thanks for the replies. These are all less than a year old with the exception of the black/copper, some never had the bulb changed I tried everything but the entire fitting is loose in the base so not enough leverage. Even got other people to try to make sure I wasnt being stupid.

The only solution was to take the entire fitting out of the base. Surprisingly there is nothing holding the fitting so seems like a design oversight. 

Plus, they dont space the legs equally anymore with the new silver ones :-/. Makes the whole thing look wonky.

Overall however, the re-design does look great.

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