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Any interest in the Halloween icons?  I've got multiples of all of them: Diablo, Bones, Pumpkin, and Spooktacular.  With or without original boxes.  Shoot me an email if you're interested.  Cheers!  Kelly. 

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Hey I was wanting to no more about the pumpkin and the spook. Maybe we can trade icons or something
I would like a spook too.
Hiya Matt, no offense, but I've got 'em all! Just trying to sell off the dupes. :)
how much for the pumpkin?
hey, how much would you charge for each of them?
im intrigued by the icons. and could you send me pics of them..
if you have any left that is :)
heres my email
[edit by Mod - please trade private info via PM.  thanks.]
Do you have any left
I'd like a Pumpkin. What's a Spooktacular? [edit by Mod - please trade private info via PM.  thanks.]
How much to you want?
I would be thank you . Nancy

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