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Hi OG members. I have recently joined. Let me introduce myself to everyone. My name is Paul Guia and I have joined OG because I want to make lava lamp flasks as a business. I've always liked lava lamps because they remind me of hot glass lava. My background is studio glassblowing, working with a furnace to make vessels by hand. 
I want to find out what kind of response collectors and buyers have to what's possible but not yet on the market. Please tell me if you think if there is a market for new designs in lava lamps and whether a service to make one off shapes interests you? I truly value your expertise, so comment!
Due to the thermal requirements made by hot fluids in lava lamps a flask made of studio furnace glass is not suitable. It's simply not tough enough. Instead borosilicate (pyrex) glass is a lot more durable and resistant to high temperatures. Only problem is borosilicate glass melts at such a high temperature you can't work a furnace by hand. The answer is to flamework it with a gas and oxygen torch with ready made tubes and blow to the desired shapes. This way of working is a hell of a lot cheaper to run than a furnace even though the glass tubes have to be bought in. 
What I would like to know before I invest any more hard earned cash is whether it's worth the investment in glass, gas and new equipment for the job. I would love to make this a service and my new occupation but I can't do it without a response and support from members. So please please reply...

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these are cool

it's great that you are using borosilicate for this.  i can't speak for others, but i think it would be nice to see different shapes and sizes of glass that would fit current lava lite bases.  how large can you make the globes?  anywhere close to or larger than a grande?  for a reasonable price, that is.

good luck to you and welcome to OG!

I have been trying to find a source of unique pyrex containers, so this sounds great. I can't think of any specific shape I'd want, I just know I'd be interested in uniquely shaped bottles. I also, I wouldn't be able to buy any now but I'd be interested in the future.
Yeah these are cool

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