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Heat Tapes Stardust Green Glitter Lamp Restored

I traded Brad some liquid and glitter to fill his Grande for a green Heat Tapes Stardust lamp that needed work.  It was one of two that he got from his grandmother.  He trusted me to give it a good home and bring it back to life.  I think your Grandma will be pleased, Brad.
I replaced the socket and kept all the original wiring and the original cord and plug.  The liquid and glitter were not original — they were more modern.   I also discovered glass shards on the bottom of the bottle, probably to raise the level of the liquid.  I cleaned the globe all out.
For the past month I’ve been experimenting with liquids and glitter trying to figure out what was in the Stardust, Florence Art, and Mastercrafter’s clock glitter bottles.  And I’ll be damned  -- I think I've solved it!
I have original red and yellow(gold) Stardust lamps that helped a lot in reverse engineering the liquid and glitter.  At this point, I'll just say that the liquid is safe, non-hazardous and non-toxic.  The glitter - well, that's the real trick.  Here are the pictures...

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Wow, beautiful lamps!

Thanks Keith and Bill.  I know most folks prefer the fast glitter, but these vintage, slow glitter lamps definitely have their own charm.

Kirk. If I go glitter slow is the way for me it feels more relaxing.

looks great kirk!  thanks for posting.  i didn't know there was glass in the bottom!  that sounds really strange.

Those glass shards were not visible until I emptied the liquid. Luckily, they came out with no problem.

i wonder where they came from.  maybe they were crystallized pieces of old glitter or something.  regardless, it looks great, and it seems like you've discovered a formula that looks like the old, slower-flowing lamps.  nice work.

Thanks, Brad.  I can hardly wait to try it out in some other globes.

Way to go, my friend, those are flat out gorgeous!!  

Hey, thanks Lib!

Amazing, beautiful lamps they really are, its really a case of a picture talks a thousand words

Now you have found the vintage formula (I know you wont say) will you be selling it as a glitter refill.

Gorgeous stuff, as always! I admire your determination Kirk! :)

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