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Help! I have about a dozen lava lamps that bad lava flow if any at all! Most have a problem with wax globbed at the top. This is really frustrating.How do I melt the wax so that it rejoins the rest of the wax at the bottom with the coil? I would really appreciate help and would be thrilled if I could get these beautiful lamps back in fascinating, working order.

Thank you,Eileen

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you can heat the lamp on the base, and when the wax at the bottom melts, turn the globe on the cap and let it cool.  then reheat as you normally would and hopefully it will function again.

Is the wax stuck at the top, or does it fall to the bottom when cool?  If it falls when cool I prefer to cycle the lamp for several cycles.  What I look for after warm up and wax is globbed at the top is to let it flow as long as the bottom wax is still reaching the top wax.  As long as it is there should be some intermixing of the wax.  If the bottom wax isn't reaching the top then turn the lamp off and let it cool until the top glob sinks to the bottom.  If it doesn't fall on it's own when cool you should be able to gently swirl the globe to get it to fall.

A quicker way, and the best way if the wax is stuck at top when cold, is to open the globe and empty the fluid into a container so you can reuse it.  Then place the globe on the base and melt the wax together.  Turn the lamp off and let the wax harden.  then you can refill with the reserved fluid, recap and enjoy.

Hi, I had one that did that too. I tried everything and what worked for me is when is was good and warm I added a couple drops of grape seed oil and gently stirred it with the end of a spoon. Worked perfect and now flows better than ever!

Grapeseed Oil?

I thought clear Glycerin was the key byproduct??

Whenever I get a lamp with bubbles and glob stuck at the top, i run the lamp with a towel wrapping the globe so it sorta overheats.

Once everything is liquid, remove the towel, shut off the lamp and let cool

Have you tried the obvious?
A blow dryer?

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