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I was very happy to receive my Lunar yesterday until I find the cone is impossible to remove from the bottle (check here for more details).

Today, I put a 100w bulb in it and make it run for the first time.

After 1 hour 1/2 it started to flow, but soon the flow changed.

Now all I've got is wax bubbles the size of a hazelnut, flowing very fast.

All coming from the center of the wax.

I tried to play with dimmer, but if I lower it I just have less small blobs, so is this bottle need more heat?

I have a 100w halogen bulb which run hotter, but I'm affraid it will be too hot and crack the bottle.

Should I try it?

Or is just the wax is dead?

Thanks for your help!

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I don't think using a higher wattage bulb would work as it looks like its already hot enough, also the luner is desinged to run of a tungston 100w bulb - there is no need to increase the heat of it.

I think the wax could be dead because of how you described it and the look of the bottle - cloudy and poor flow.


Too bad, because the color (in live) is a really nice orange.

Now, I still have to remove the cone to open the bottle...

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