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I found it, stored with misc. crap from my last move (3 years ago!), which means I didn't pack it, all my Lava is supposed to be together!! It had a crystalized bit of yellow on one end (Black cap with plug) & a little leakage. I'm not sure how long it's been leaking, but I've got a 2 inch air gap now! DOH!

So, has anyone attempted to add anything to their waves? I'm gonna attepmt to find the leak site, doesn't look like any cracks...
I found this, but it really doesn't help....


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Thanks for the reply, shame it's not exactly what I'm looking for. But I DO want to see your massive Wave when it's finished!
Vixen, you might be better off finding another machine on ebay (be patient) and selling your liquid. It could fetch a good price to someone that needs to do a top off/refill. I dunno. Unless you can find a replacement body.
I'm gonna put her back in storage, till I figure out what to do. I've been searching on the net for fabricators, but they all seem to want a HUGE order...
Oh well, guess I'll put the Wave away, for now :(
They are very nice, which is why I'm dying to keep this one. Seems to be more problematic than I figured.
I'll buy it, lol...
So "phreaktor" have you had any luck in your wave machine project.

I used to make wave bottles for my friends when I was a kid. I used paint thinner for part of the fill and added  Johnson and Johnson baby oil  for the other half.  They worked flawlessly.  I just cannot remember 100 percent if it was the thinner I dyed or the oil blue to create the blue wave.  I think it was the paint thinner.  Not sure if the oil would take the dye.  Either way they worked very well and never leaked or smelled once sealed.  As for sealing the leak on your lamp it's impossible once it starts. .  I had several of these and sold them once I noticed the liquid dissipating. I could not remove the end caps. And when I messed with the microscopic crack it got worse.  I actually had to throw one away it got so bad.    Acrylic nail polish just helped to open the crack more and I not water proof.  I have no idea what to use to seal it and silicone will not do the trick alone. I think epoxy glue which is water proof would do the trick.  The kind where you have to mix the two tubes of glue then apply before it dries in 20 or so seconds. I use it to seal my Grande lamps and it works very well.   Maybe Gorilla Glue? 

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