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My lava lamp has all its wax at the top and it dosen't want to come down how do i fix it?
There is some at the bottom.
These are brand new.
I've left it on for hours at a time..nothing.
And the bulb is fine.

What is the problem?

Thank You

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an 8 oz lava lite
I've tried it at different intervals but nothing works :(
I bought both off a man (same model, size, and color) they were both in their packaging completely sealed but they both have this layer of wax at the top...

Any help would be greatly appreciated, it would be a shame to toss them
on the bulb it does not say what the walt is but inside the base it says it is supposed to be 15
lol I always try to learn something new everyday :)
No it is clear not frosted, and I just looked at the brass ring and it was stamped as you siad, it says 15 watts.
Well me thermostat is at 70 F now.
thanks for the tip with the title, I'm new to this
i tried heating it with a hair dryer but nothing...
I'll try the 25w
how long do you suggest i leave it on for?
i have this 40 w that fits the whole (its really small) could I use that?
i put the 40w in and it seems to be working!
But that top layer of wax is still there...
Ok I will give it a try an get back to you
Ok I will give it a try an get back to you

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