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Well how is everyone. In my constant frantic search for lava lamps (I'm a lavaholic in need of a patch or something) I have for you the info you need for a colossus. What I really mean is... Will somebody please go and get my lava lamp for and ship it to me OOHH this is hard I am handing someone a colossus on a silver platter!!!...Go to the craigslist and buffalo grove ...Chicago!!!! Happy Holiday Chearry Woopdy Doo Hoo Ha

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Thanks for the tip Matt.
Here is the post for you lucky people in Chicago!
There was another thread on the board about this last weekend.
I emailed the seller and he replied that he had an offer of $500 and If I wanted to offer more I could have the lamp. I live in Indianapolis which is 3 1/2 hours away from Chicago. I asked for pictures, and he replied that the lamp was NIB and has never been unpacked. I decided to pass. It sounded like someone bought the lamp.
I passed for 2 reasons: 1- I have no place to put a Colossus and 2 - A lot of these lamps had problems with scratched globes, leaking seals, or dye leaking out of the wax. Then again it may be a perfectly fine lamp and a great bargin. I'm curious to know what the lamp was actually like.
Well would you mind getting it for me and shipping it here?..Man you would be the best of o.o.g.
Man, Bohdan's lamp as seen above must be one of the world's greatest lava lamps. A true Colossus!

I absolutely love the distressed?oxidized? metallic finish of the base and cap and the beyond awesome super clear flow. A true monster of a lamp in the nicest sense.
I actually opened a buisness account with lavaworld years ago back when I had a corporate license. I might still be in their computer. Back then if you had this license you could buy a pair which you had to buy them in pairs on one pallet they ran like 1400 dollars for the pair. So where abouts in Florida do you live Osolava? lets go in on a pair of colussuses!! I can't afford 2 on my own. Anyway I thought about buying them and putting one on consignment at a local furniture store but i still haven't had time to go for it.
Very cool. I have a LW/ Haggerty Enterprises account too. Back in the day, 99-01, I used to sell the lamps direct on OG. You should have seen me packing 20 boxed lamps on the back of a Vespa and going to UPS. I paid a large part of my graduate school with those sales. :-)
hello, well you must know that LavaWorld was bought out. they are gone. but to get to those craigslist ads I had to cut and paste the add serial number that is in blue to my yahoo email's "send to" location then write em an email when you send it craigslist redirects it for you. Other than that I just browse cities and states.

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