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Decided to finally step foot into a WalMart and get one of the Hotrocket lamps. They only had one, blue/yellow. There were like 20 lava world lamps, 10 of each color, blue/white, purple/pink. Plus all the other lava world stuff, the disco ball, traffic light and strobe light.

Anyways, I get to the self checkout to ring myself up, it rings up $5.00 dollars. Even though the sign said $11.99. I was like sweet!

Question - are there any other colors besides blue/yellow and red/purple? I know Bohdan mentioned they "had" 23 colors at one point. Do they still or no?


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Wow you made out nice!

I don't know but I'm still looking for the yellow and pink lamp myself (you mentioned it as red and purple, I'm pretty sure its yellow wax with pink/purple fluid).
Yeah, I was pretty happy. My lamp has like shiny flecks in it. Kinda look like fiber glass/glass pieces. Really strange. Liquid has a lot of particulate in it. Not nice and clean.

I am unsure what the wax color is on the purple/pink lamp. I am going to go to another location or two tomorrow/today and see what else they have. I can say the wax is identical to what lava world china lamps have.
Yeah, they are on clearance now at Wal-Mart, though they are not always $5.00, I went to one Wal-Mart and they were $9.00 (SuperCenter) and then to another one closer to my house and they were $5.00. So, I just returned the ones I got for $9.00 to the store that sells them for $5.00, then just repurchased them for $5.00. Pain in the ass, but I saved $20.00, I bought 5 all together, and both stores still have some left. They are all Blue/Yellow though. The ones I got are perfectly clear, and work great (Nice Flow), I'm thinkin I might do some experiments with the extra ones I bought- fading, recoloring the liquid, all that jazz, just not sure about taking the cap on and off.
I found out recently that all of the wallmarts were selling the hotrock(ets) for 5.00 each on clearance (already... these just came out!!!!). So I went to the walmart that had a large quantity of the yellow/greenblue whatever ones and they were ALL GONE!!!

What gives?!?! These just came out and now they're clearenced for 5.00 each and I missed out on collecting more? They're not perfect lamps by any means but they are much better then the lava worlds for sure. And because the globe secures to the base and the top hat is so secure, I can leave these on my 12" JBL sub and they don't rattle which is great.

I'm almost thinking Lavaworld tried to or did sue Walmart for copywrite infringment... the reason why Mathmos won't sell directly over here.

Anyone else know whats going on here with these? I must say, if you got the yellow and pink lamp, your very lucky.
I've been running mine for I guess 2-3 weeks now and they still have those glass like objects floating around. Not great but these have much more action then any other lava lamp in my collection. The 20oz Lavaworld Blue and White lamp is working out well but I have to constantly regulate the temperature with a dimmer or it gets too hot resulting in undesirable movement.
The company is no longer making them. They stopped a couple years ago - at least that's what the company that makes them said. Make sense as WalMart wants to clear out stock so they price them to sell.

They are cool lamps, but the blue/neon yellow hurts my eyes. To the point I took it down, boxed it up and put it in storage. They are nice lamps like I said, but they lack that "warmth" that real lava lamps give. Plus I hate the color combo.
I've collected most of what Creative Motion is selling now through Edmund Sci and I must say that I like my yellow/blue Hotrockets better.

I'm bummed out... Now that the hotrockets are done at Walmart I can not get the yellow and purple/pink one and theres nothing left to buy new. I suppose I may have to venture over to Ebay and see about getting used... Or if I have enough cash one month I'll get a Mathmos. I just spent 160.00 at juno.co.uk getting some wicked bad bwoy 1992 'ardkore records so I'm skint for the rest of this month. I'm probably done with the lava lamps for a while. Three more hotrockets would have been nice though... I'd even bring one to work for my desk and brave the stupid comments made by some of the narrow minded coworkers.
Ohh goodness... Well thats why then.

Ohh come on, the yellow and green isn't that bad. If you want painful to look at, go to Walmart and get those dolphin shaped neon lamps that screw into an edison base. Those are seriously heavy on the eyes!!!
Same shelf that the lava lamps are on. Should be right next to each other. If not, they are sold out.

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