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I got this lamp off eBay last year and felt my best bet for future enjoyment was to re-wire for the US. I made one really bad attempt (seen here: https://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/mathmos-jet-rewire) and then it sat in the basement for several months. Don't judge me! :D

The conversion is embarrassingly simple and it's maddening it took me this long to do it.

I'd like to thank Autumn, Lamphead (Jim), Dr.What (Shawn) and Weebotech (Rob). I couldn't have done this without your help, pics and advice.



  • One steel nipple (I know, the name makes no sense) - 1/8" IP thread, 1" length
  • Two  1/8" locknuts

3 washers:

  • Two for the bottom of the lamp: 3/8" x 1 1/4"
  • One for the top on the other side of the lamp: 3/8" x 1 1/2"



I took out all UK wiring, socket and black clip that held it all in place. Now just dealing with the base of the Jet, I removed the top part of the base (comes off if you pinch the little clips below). Was easier to re-wire and assemble all parts this way.


The order of the parts went like this from top to bottom (with the nipple going through all parts):

  • 1 locknut
  • Larger washer
  • Mathmos Jet base
  • 2 smaller washers
  • Locknut
So from the bottom, it looks like this:


And from the top it looks like this:

Then, I threaded the cord through and wired it into the intermediate base:

There is some wiggle room here to adjust how close the bulb will sit to the base of the Jet globe - just adjust where everything sits on the nipple (seriously, why are they called nipples?!?!) a millimeter or two up or down. Mine's pretty close and with a 40W bulb, I'm going to need a dimmer - it gets really, really hot.


Make sure everything is secure and tight and then snap the top part of the base back on and you're good to go!


If I've done anything wrong here, someone please let me know! This is working out great, though I know, I know, I need a dimmer. ;)

I am running a 40W S11 bulb (same as what's used in the old Carlisles), like this:
http://www.lightbulbemporium.com/satco_s3629_40s11_n.asp  (edit: now running on 25W R14 bulb - the little reflector one). 



Edit 03.31.2012 to add a few pics for the Astrobaby. The process is nearly identical. 

First, take out the cord and socket. There are two tabs that hold this into place. Next, with some force (and from the inside on the lamp), you have to punch out the bottom piece. I used the other end of a hammer and tapped it out. Don't remove any of the glue/sealant. Just leave that alone.

I didn't need two washers on the outside, just one. So the order from top down goes (with the nipple going through all parts):

  • 1 locknut
  • Larger washer
  • Mathmos Astrobaby base
  • 1 smaller washers
  • Locknut

Like so:

Then, thread your cord through the bottom, through the nipple and attach to the intermediate base. LOOK, WITH YOUR SPECIAL EYES:

Press the chrome base back over the bottom white plastic part and you're in business. I run my Mathmos Jet and Mathmos Astrobaby on a 25W R14 reflector bulb and they run very well. The Jet could use a little more heat, but the Astrobabies run perfect on 25W. 

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When adding pics to a discussion, or comment, I personally find copy and paste to be more convenient.

Ok, I'll try again.... Thanks!

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