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After many months of frustration I have finally figured out the cure for wax sticking to the glass. I am confident that this will work for most people. Its very simple actually. Empty the globe and fill it completely full of gasoline. Let it sit over night, rinse it out with dawn dish soap, then refill the globe with the original contents. When you refill the globe be sure to put a little bit of liquid in it first and swish it around because the gasoline strips the lamp of all surfactant. I usually put half as much liquid in as I put wax in, then once the wax has cooled off and hardened I pour the rest of the liquid back in. When you pour in the wax try not to get it on the sides of the globe. This works so good the wax doesnt even stick to the bottom of the globe.


Thats it. Simple yes?

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soak the coil in hot wax before you put it in the lamp, this seems to "prime" it and make the wax stick to it easily once it's in the bottle.

Arne said:

Thanks I will try this later...do you also have a solution for wax NOT sticking to the coil?

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