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Hi everyone, I know its been a while. I am selling many of my lamps, including some of the rarer ones. I am getting divorced and need the money. I will be listing on ebay, but thought to announce on here first to sell direct. I am selling my electrik series, psychedelic series; some vintage: two planters; carlisle; two mediterraneans (one painted gold) a lime green astrobaby(original 220 wiring). black squiggle (liquid needs restoration). vintage aristocrat; midnight aristocrat screwcap (purple yellow); silver streaks with some interesting rare color combos; dont have the finals yet, but wanted to give a heads up. (Definites: will not be selling my midnight series, or midnight screwcap centuries) also have a green fluidium (i ran with too hot a bulb, flows good except on little glob of fried goo..needs to be extracted. w/ original packing.).Stay posted, working on pics, and finally definites.

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OMG Jen I'm so sorry to hear that, go on yahoo when you have the time so we can chat :D
Hey Jen, i'm sorry to hear about your divorce too. Sorry too that the lamps have to go. I hope you get a really good price for them, they are lovely lamps.

OK, I took down many of my lamps, pulled the boxes out of storage. I started to take pictures and got very overwhelmed. So i will start with a list and prices. Send me a message if you are interested in something and I will send a pic.

Psychedelic Series

base/lava/liquid (first offer for 125 for set plus shipping takes it)

red/red/clear $75
green/white/green (has some dings on lip of base) $25
blue/white/blue $25
purple/clear/purple $25

Electrik series (make offer for entire set)

red/red/clear w/ box $50
orange/white/orange w/ box $75
yellow/yellow/clear $125
blue/white/blue w/ box $40
purple/white/purple $50
pink/white/pink w/box $75

40th Anniversary Series in Box

60's $100 for all for (will not split)

Midnight Aristocrat Screw cap yellow/purple $50
Silver Aristocrat w/ Rare white lava/red liquid $100
Silver Century blue/clear $40 (w/ box)
Blue Aristocrat yellow/clear $40 (w/ box)
White Aristocrat black/clear $40 (liquid is cloudy-lava flows good) (w/box)

Mathmos Silver Astro / Metallic Green Lava / clear liquid (w/ box and original wiring/ currently running w/ us 110 light kit) $250 firm

Mathmos silver astrobaby lime/clear (w/ original 220 electrical wiring-needs converter or new light kit ) $75

Vintage list and some silver streaks to follow
Send me a message if you are interested in buying something. Im still working on pictures. I accept paypal only.
i sure dont. Unless I find some in lamps still packed away. Actually short a clear black globe, because I sold one out of my princess last year.
These prices do not include shipping
I am interested in the:

-Midnight Aristocrat Screw cap yellow/purple $50
-Silver Aristocrat w/ Rare white lava/red liquid $100

I will PM you, sending a friend request now.
I'm interested in the mediterraneans and the black squiggle.
Will request your friendship.bye
LOL you sold me that clear black globe from your Princess in Dec of 2007 :D still have it, unfortunately it never cleared ):
Just an update. Starting the sale of these was quite overwhelming. i dining table is still covered in lamps and boxes everywhere, uggh. These are the lamps that are spoken for or sold

orange mist elegant
silver aristocrat with white/red
black aristograt with yellow/purp

Spoken for: (if sale does not go through they will be available again)
green metallic mathmos astro
the elektric series

Vintage now available:
2 enchantress planters
one with blue liquid/greenish lava 75.00
one with clear liquid/golden cream lava 75.00
both with original flowers

gold century with blue liquid/greenish lava 45.00
mediterannean clear with red lava-needs to be restored 30.00
gold century base 20.00
1960's two piece century base 50.00 (rare)
Hey Osolava, I hope you won't be leaving the goo once all your lamps are sold..
I am only selling half my lamps, still have my wall of lava...its just not so crowded now. I feel I can better appreciate the ones that are left.
Still sorry to hear why your downsizing has come about. I'm glad that it's paying off. Good luck, hon.

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