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I am not very experienced in Lava Lamps and I bought a 52 oz from Spencers. Its a clear liquid red fluid one. Im wondering if the 40 Watt Bulb it came with is too hot for it because it runs hot and after about 3-4 hours all the goo collects at the top then falls to the bottom and becomes a huge glob. I got a bulb that was 30 Watts but it wasnt hot enough cuz the goo didnt rise after about 4 hours. I have it off now, Im wondering what to do >.< Is it overheating with the 40 Watt? Or is it just something new Lava Lamps do? Also, is it bad that the goo has air bubbles in it? is that just something new lamps have and will go away or is it something I should be worried about? I have taken great care of the lava lamp so far, I havent knocked it down or anything. Any help would be appriciated. Thank You.

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And I am keeping it at room temperature and am being responsible with it. I would not like to have to return in D= I had one a while ago I had to return like 3 times and I just gave up in the end and gave it to a friend. I finaly decided to try again and I realised how much I dont know about these lamps >__< OH, and if it makes a difference, its LAVA brand =P
Hi there, I think the problem you have is that you just bought a Lava Brand lamp!! Up until a few years ago they were made in the USA and were superb quality. In recent years production has been outsourced to China!! The lamps are now extremely poor quality and very rarely work!! You could try a lower wattage bulb... It may help somewhat. Try a 30 or 25 watt.
I see... It seems like its not staying attached to the coil at the bottom =( it heats up and globs on the bottom and wont flow as its supposed to and only attaches itself to a part or the coil.
That is the tell tale sign of the lamp overheating. It is probably due to the poor quality coil they are using these days and the rubbish they use for wax and suspension liquid.

I would try a lower wattage bulb to start with. However, the lamp will take longer to heat up. If that fails take the lamp back for a refund or exchange.

There is only one brand of lava lamp to buy these days and that is Mathmos. They are made in England. It may also be worth looking on USA eBay for a Lava Lite produced before the year 2000. These are also good quality.
Alright guys, Thank you so much for your speedy input ^_^ I guess the only thing i can do is exchange it till it works xD considering Spencers wont do a cash refund =P Next time I will definitely think about a Mathmos one =D
well, I went and exchanged it. HOPEFULLY This one works *Crosses Fingers* Because it was the last one they had >./body>
While your at it swing by Lowes or Home Depot and get a dimmer switch it comes on a regular house cord you can turn the heat up or down on it
=O good idea! The exchanged Lamp works perfect, but i also picked up a blue liquid/white wax one too xDDD That one runs fine too but it seems to have air bubbles in the wax. is that just something normalish that happends to new lamps sometimes and will go away or should I even care? It doesnt really bother me too much, it still flows and doesnt have TOO many x3 It has about 3-7 bigger bubbles and about 10 smaller ones. It seems to make it flow a bit faster =P Its weird though, when it flows it makes small blobs only. it doesnt seem to make any bigger ones. is that just how it is? cuz ive read that every lamp acts differently.

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