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Hello everybody, as you know I was recently brought into modship with the intention to make a lava/glitter lamp/wave machine/any glowly light database, as well as a FAQ. Well here it is! You may have noticed me spamming nonsense pages, and if you were really paying attention, you saw a new tab.


From now on, instead of repeating the same old "you need to run your lamp or filter it" line a thousand times, you can now refer them to a page such as this. I want us to be able to point members to our FAQ, so let's do our best to make the FAQ as good as possible.


I started the project with Lamphead a while back in the form of a post, but it quickly became too much of a hassle. Now with the ability to make pages it makes things much easier. This is a combined effort of Erin, Dr. What?!, Lamphead, and myself. However, our knowledge is limited! This is why we need all Oozinggoo members! You will notice a lot of information is missing, such as prices, production dates, colors, or whole lamps. You might also see mistakes. Please post all additions or corrections you would like to make here. The next post will list the most important requests for data, so please check it out.



The Lava Library

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Here is an up-to-date version of an article I've written on Consort lamp varieties. Please feel free to post it for all to view.




Great job Fog Rider! Thanks for sending me a copy too! I will have to print it out, and put that with my lamp. I learned a lot that I didn't know! by reading your document!

Something new to add to the lava library - Mathmos lamp toppers

Made by Mathmos from 1999 - 2000 they were designed as a additional novelty / promotional item for Mathmos bottles. - The toppers fitted over the caps on the bottles and were a alternative to the standard caps.

They came in 3 designs - glitterbaby, astrobaby and mathmos man - the glitterbaby and astrobaby fitted astrobaby and jet globes and could also fit a fludium globe. The mathmos man topper only fitted a astro.

The toppers related to the promotional material at the time which featured 'the mathmos man', 'glitter baby', and 'disco dude'.

Rarity of these toppers - 7-8


Here's an updated version of the "Consort Varieties" article. A new brass colored square base model called the "Executive" from 1972 was just spotted today. This previously unknown variety has now been included in the new version of the article.




Thanks for the update Fog rider!

Hi Autumn.

Here's an article on coachlite varieties.

Feel free to post it here.


I'll add this to the model page in our Lava Library. Thanks Fog! 

fog rider said:

Hi Autumn.

Here's an article on coachlite varieties.

Feel free to post it here.

I have placed both your Consort write-up and Coachlite write-up IN the actual product page in the library:



Let me know if this OK with you! Thanks! 

That works for me.

Great a Doc on the Consort Craig. heh I even recognize my picture in there.

I gotta find the Windsor Glitter one for you. That had slow motion glitter sorta like a florence art co or the starlite globe.

For the section on the Classic I have the model number: Classic Model 2000 Motion and Glitter. Price at time of sale: 19.99. Bulb used: 25 watt S11(120V) Color Combos available: yellow/blue, red/clear, purple/blue, white/dark red, yellow/clear, black/clear, white/green, pink/purple, yellow/purple, blue/clear, and white/blue. Notes: Some Limited Edition bases had cartoon characters printed on such as Spongebob© and The Smurfs©. Rarity Scale:1 Made by: LAVA Brand

Glad I could help.

Price of Grande is 89.99. Colors: red/clear, yellow/blue, pink/purple, yellow/purple.

Why is the 32oz Princess not clickable yet?

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