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Hi there, I'm trying to extend my collection of lava lamps and I was wondering if anyone has any lamps for sale within the UK please. I'm new to collecting so, I've only got some Astro Babies and two Astros.

I'm sure everyone will want to hold on to lamps as you're all collectors yourself. However, I thought I'd check. :)

I'm not ready to spend lots of money on seriously collectable lamps as yet, I'm thinking more lower value lamps.

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How much do you want to spend?
As little as possible really (I bet you knew I was going to say that lol) Ideally, I'm looking for astro baby bottles either glitter or wax, that way I can interchange them with existing lamp bases. Or, astro baby lamps in full. I'm also looking for a 70's Crestworth Astro with red wax and orange/yellow water or may consider another colour but, that is the colour I really want. Crestworth is going to cost more I know, if I find the right one I'm prepared to pay a good price. Those are the only lamps I really know anything about and I don't know much about them lol.
I'm doing a similar sort of approach to you. can't afford much at the moment so am just collecting bits and pieces. Some of the generic lamps are definitely better quality than others, but few look good. There are nice lamps that come up cheaply on ebay if you can afford the postage, but I'm having more joy at second hand markets for those. Be interested to see what you find and compare notes. Good Luck.
I've not been to any second hand markets or carboots as yet. Mind you, I should think you need to go early as many people we be at the same thing.

I've had some great ebay bargains of late. A mathmos astro baby for £1.99 on a buy it now. What a lamp, beautifully clear with a blue liquid and red wax. Then there's another astro baby that's on its way to me that cost around £8 including postage. That's clear liquid with red wax. Mind you, I've had a couple of purchase disasters, one leaked :(
Absolutley yes!!! :) You can find my shop on eBay at http://stores.ebay.co.uk/The-Gift-Shop-UK, I also have a website at www.greatgiftsandtoys.co.uk. On eBay I have some of the 'new for 2010' Mathmos lamps at reduced prices (like the white base Astrobaby, and the new turquoise/clear and pink/clear colours), as well as Lava Brand lamps and the generic 'made in China' lamps, which arfe at low prices. On eBay I'm also selling a few lamps from my own collection. Hope that helps!!! Jill
Thanks for that, I've already seen your items. I was looking at your glitterbaby lamps :) Sadly, they are out of my price range though. I'm a bit tight and I like to pay no more than about £18.50 per lamp including postage.
Hi Susan,
I've got a few secondhand Astrobabies, including a gorgeous turquoise glitter one...trouble is, postage for this weight of lamp is £5 minimum, so I think you may struggle to acquire Mathmos lamps around your price range. If you're in the UK, I would strongly recommend going to car boot sales - you can find some gems there for a few quid - I have!!
As for the turquoise glitter Astrobaby....if it helps, I could do it for £25 including postage, rather than £25 plus postage, if that helps...I know it's still a bit over your budget but I'm happy to try and help a fellow lamp lover!! :)
Thanks for the tips and your offer of price reduction on the glitterbaby. I will keep that in mind :)

I've never looked for them at carboots as yet, something I will have to try as well. Mind you, I'm not a big on CB's.

You are over in Ilkley and you have a shop don't you? We're in York.
Oh, you're not that far away then actually! Yes, I'm actually in Burley in Wharfedale, a couple of miles from Ilkley but we're classed as Ilkley as far as postal address goes. Yes, I have a shop, all sorts of gifts, but it all started with lava lamps, and they are still my best seller on eBay. If you're ever over this way, email me and I'll make sure the shop is open if you want a peek! (Officially I only open Thurs/Fri/Sat 10am-4pm).
Oh you are not far away then only 36 odd miles away.................thanks :)

I only collect Mathmos lamps, are all your Mathmos lamps that you have at the moment on your site and ebay store?
Do you sell bottles on there own, either new or secondhand to fit astrobabies? If so, how much are they please?
Yes, they are, I have nothing in the shop that isn't on the web in one place or the other. However, unfortunately, I won't be able to reorder any more new Mathmos lamps when they do sell, because the a**eholes refuse to supply to anyone who sells their lamps on eBay, too snobby for that. I'll continue to sell them secondhand though.

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