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Hi everyone.

I received my replacement 52 oz. lava lamp direct from Lava Lite. When I turn it on, it takes about 1/2 hour and looks like it's starting to liquify. It sent up a couple of small "streamers" and then a couple of small bubbles. Then, everything kind of settled on the bottom and the ball at the bottom just churns around. That's it. No motion. Any thoughts? Or is Lava Lite really just about the worst there is?

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Forgot to mention one thing. As it was warming up, it released several "puffs" of cloudy stuff.
Hi, thanks for your reply.

It's yellow lava with purple juice. The cap reads: H5225, then 09082201, then A

I just noticed that the coil seems small. It isn't as large as the diameter of the base of the glass.
Lava Lite said to warm it up then stir it gently - not shake it. This did get it moving, but only small lava and only for about 1/2 or less. When I looked at it, the bubble of lava is over to the side and about 1/3 of the coil has no lava around it.

Looks like lamp #2 is a dud, too. My first was clear/red, so when I tried another one, I picked yellow/purple. Go figure! If they agree to send me #3, is there a colour combination that is more likely to be good, or should I just get a refund?


The photos show the lamp. The one where it shows lava flowing is about the maximum motion that I can get.

Is it just me, or is it pretty cloudy, too?
Lava Lite is sending me another replacement. Hopefully the third time is a charm. Although the products I've received have been terrible, I must give them credit for their support - they have been good at helping me.
Guess I lucked out, then. They've been very receptive to me. I'm hoping that the blue/white colour combination works. Say, what do the numbers on the cap mean?

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