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Hey all

Stumbled across this lamp. The lamp in question is the far left one. Is that a Blip Glitter?

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Yes, that is a Glitter Blip.

Awesome! Thank you for the info! 

No problem! I actually just came across one of these with a red glitter globe. First one I have seen in person. It was only $10, so I bought it.

The blips are cute!!!

Blips are nice for 20 oz lamps.

I bought it. A whole 5 bucks! I will post a pic of it. Its the large glitter, and does have a made in China sticker near the bulb.

its considered a pre-china. The first year or 2 the china lamps were exactly like that old formula so its a good one.

I thought that the blips were made in USA; at least the globes. I have a few USA lava lamps that have the bases made in China, but the globes made in USA.

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