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Many of you are aware that Schylling is currently looking to design new products for the lava lamp. What I'm about to say is conjecture, but what if this is an opportunity to have part of the production moved back to the US?

I've been wondering how the recent tariffs may be affecting the production of lamps in China. Lava lamps are exposed to the trade war and have already taken heavy hits because "lamps" are part of the items affected. Aluminum and steel as well. The tariff is 25%. This could influence the new designs. 

25% is a lot and there is a loophole. If the materials are sourced un-assembled from China in a way that they are not yet a lamp most or all of this tariff could be avoided. The "savings" would then be used to finish the assembly in the US. The wax and the master fluid could be done in the US once again. It would make for a higher quality product essentially for the same price. A decrease in defect rates would also introduce new savings for the company and bolster the brand. It also better protects their formulas from the generic market.

The 25% tariff creates more financial incentive than ever to bring production back to the US. It was considered once before and should be again. Of course it would still be mostly made in China, but that's irrelevant. Perhaps the community should once again voice their desire for the production to come back to the US under such a model. Maybe they will listen. Now is the time to speak up as they work on new designs. 

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I have been hoping for a return to USA made (or at least filled) lamps for years now. Schylling doesn't seem too concerned with the brand, unfortunately. That said, perhaps the tariffs could make them care a little more. 

Well Spencer’s site got some new models. None of them have my interest except the oil slick one.

Blind Faith said:

Well Spencer’s site got some new models. None of them have my interest except the oil slick one.

I have the oil slick one and it is sweet. I have it on now. I'll post a pic when it starts flowing.

I have the Oil Slick lamp too, its great.  The base looks nice with a good finish and the wax is a really nice shade of blue that a picture just doesn't do justice to.  Its also seems to operate very nicely for hours without the need for a dimmer, which has been rare for newer China made lamps.

(just starting to warm up)

I also got the Royal Foil lamp its really nice too

Which one is that, I haven’t been to Spencer’s lately


I have this one as well. I actually have all 4 of the new models. They all look and flow great. The 14.5 inch ombre fire and ice was somewhat cloudy and hazy at first but has since cleared up pretty good.

As far as my favorite of the new lamps, I am torn between the oil slick and the rose/checkerboard. I am a sucker for checkerboard for some reason. That was a must have for me when I first saw it.


Schylling is aware of this forum and has read the comments.

They had a recent change in the design department staff

They are working on a lot of new products I'm told

Mr MaGoo said:

Wonder if they read this forum?

I hope so I don’t want this hobby to have new products go in limbo again I just wish we could focus on 32,52 and 250 not these 20oz lamps...

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