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my 9 months son started to stand up, and he'll walk soon.

I live in a small flat and I don't know what I'm going to do with my lamps then.

I don't want him to destroy my collection, and more important, I don't want him to hurt himself.

(Imagine him breaking a Living Jewel: the worst for both of us! )

So, did you removed all your lamps from where your children can go? (in my case it means I'd have to put them in the basement :-( ), or do you have any tips, to protect both of them from each other?


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I would probably treat lava lamps like you would medication and household cleaners around small children. Either locked up or put high up.

This is no fun.

I was maybe thinking about setting some nets arounds lamps...

i have kids and i baby sit...i put them up out of reach of the babies and tell the older ones who can reach that they are very very hot and never to touch or they will get burned (or cut) and will have to go to the hospital and get lots of shots lol.

Obstacles.  Not the best for aesthetics but hopefully will keep things out of the way.  Our son is three and I have some lamps up high but the cords are low.  My thoughts are it would be worse to pull the lamps down than just touch or knock them over.  So we put a large toy box in position to keep him away from the plug-ins.

Dont have kids.....lol thats the route i choose

Well, that's a little to late for me :-)

Metallica man said:

Dont have kids.....lol thats the route i choose

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