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lava brand magma colour fountain (haggerty enterprises) 2001

Hi everyone, 
bought a lava brand colour fountain this morning from a boot sale still boxed, and noticed on the base of the lamp it has SAMPLE UNIT NOT FOR RESALE, return to Haggerty Enterprises Chicago, made in china! i have looked everywhere for one on the net and came up with nothing, it has orange oil and a pump at the base that fires the oil up the lamp every few seconds and makes a volcano sound which is optional as you can turn off the sound!! (i cant stand the noise) but the lamp looks amazing!! 
any information on this would be great thanks all!! will post pics shortly.

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pics :)
another of the base and lamp
I would guess that a sample unit is a for a store display, are these worth anything??
These were made for a very short time. I always thought they looked like an iMac blender. I think they came in orange, pink, blue or green, and the sound effects on the ones I saw sounded very gritty. Sort of staticky whooshing noises.
yea!! thats the sound!! i hate it lol! thanks for your help guys

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