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Lava Garage Sale-- last chance before items are offered to 2nd person! PLEASE READ! And COSMIC WINDOW case!

Here are the items I have-slash-had for sale. Items that are gone are so marked.
If there's no contact by January 15th, I'll offer to 2nd person in line!
Please DO NOT  leave email addresses here! Send me a PM. If we're not Friends yet, send me a Friend request.

UPDATE: Does anybody want a Cosmic Window case? No top. No base pad. No globe. No electricals. Scratches and surface rust in a few places. It was sad and lonely when I grabbed it from a junk shop, and it's spent over 20 years sitting in storage.

Complete lamps:

-- Green Fluidium, no box
Blind Faith, you're 1st. Dillon Neimiller is 2nd. PM me!

-- Hunter copper Sata-Glitterlite, "eyelash" glitters are no longer silver, no bulb or plug Available!

-- Glitter table lamp, separate switches for glitter & top light, shade support broken offSOLD

-- Screw-cap Midnight, currently full of not-at-all-good glitter fill, will empty before shippingSOLD

-- Empty Century, one-piece base, heat coil inside
Steven Russell is 1st, Alex Johnson 2nd. Please PM me!

-- Same with 1960s greenish wax, no liquid (not shown)
Steven Russell, you're the only one to ask yet.


-- Screw-cap Century, empty, no coil
Alex Johnson, you're the only one to ask yet.

-- Screw-cap Midnight, empty, no coil
Steven Russell, you're the only one in line so far.

-- Continental (oval), red/clear SOLD


-- Consort, plastic base, no felt, has heat bowl inside SOLD

-- Mystique (square), some tape residue on sides SOLD

-- Midnight Aristocrat Available! Pay shipping + whatever extra you like.

-- Silver Aristocrat, minor dents Pay shipping and put it to good use.

-- That poor, poor squiggle Aristocrat with I'm not sure what, rust(?) on it SOLD

-- China-made Midnight Pay shipping and give it a better spot than my storage loft...

-- Blue Swirl Please make an offer.

-- Red Splotch Icon II (has a hairline crack, I'll glue that)
Thomas asked 1st! After the 15th, if no contact, it's offered to Jay Goo.

-- Silver Wizard
Thomas wanted this, too. Hello, Thomas? Drop me a note, please!


-- Red Wizard cap SHIPPED

-- Tortoiseshell cap Need one? PM your address. Pay me or don't, up to you.

-- Red (plastic) 32oz., not blacklight-responsive Still want this, Blind Faith?

-- Two One Century heat rings Reed, do you still want one?
FYI: Only 1990s Centuries require the heat ring. Older ones do not.

-- Black Starship, one leg missing (just pay shipping) SHIPPED

-- Coach parts, base, cap with one post missing, bail (just pay shipping) SHIPPED

-- Four Fantasia Products fiber optic sprays, small size (1990s). All are used and clumped. Three are in their boxes. SOLD

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Am I in line for the red splotch??? :)

I have #1 as "Thomas" and #2 as "Jay Goo." Do you want to be #3? Hairline crack, I can add super glue or leave it as-is, can't guarantee it'll get there unbroken.

Lamp Addict said:

Am I in line for the red splotch??? :)

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