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Are these rare lamps? There is a one local to me on letgo which I could probably get for $50 give or take. Was wondering if they are rare, what is any problems to look out for?

Is the globe glass?

Anyone have one they can take a video of?


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They light up with an internal bubbler and Plastic fish float up and down

Non servicable

Globe is plastic

Grande size is somewhat rare to find

leaking problems with 14" version (do not put it on any valuable furniture)

If you don't want the grande size, grab it for me. It's the size I am missing

I have the 14" (2), the 17" and 16.5"

Want to make an arrangement look identical right next to the 50th anniversary display

I will contact the seller, I was hoping to get it for myself but have to see how negotiable they are. I will keep you in the loop.


Im good @ $50

kero48 said:

I will contact the seller, I was hoping to get it for myself but have to see how negotiable they are. I will keep you in the loop.

Well worth the 50 if all the critters come with the aquarium.  I own two of these. Both have glass tanks. The bases are not made of metal.  You fill them with distilled water. Don't forget to soak the critters that come with it in soapy water before adding to aquarium once filled otherwise the fish will not bob up and down as intended. There's a video on youtube that shows you what to do before firing the lavquarium up.  One of my lavquariums arrived with no critters so I have a brand new aquarium minus the critters. Lavalite does not sell the critters.  I purchased several so called fake bubble tank fish on ebay that claimed they bobbed but they did not. The CHINA fake bubbling aquarium fish only floated on the top like a dead fish.  The Seller got pissed at my for telling it like it is when I left feedback but could not prove that the fish went up and down. Could only claim. Total rip off. Of the 90 or so fake critters I purchased on ebay...not one floated like the critters LavaLite uses.  When the lavquariums operating. The critters floating about almost seem real only better since you don't have to feed the fish.  Now go buy the lamp before someone  else does. It's a beautiful lamp when on.  One last thing.  It makes the same noise as a  real aquarium  so don't expect a whisper quiet tank. 

Thanks for the input, I first have to check if it's still for sale. The photo does show the fish and critters but I need to inquire if they are original etc.

Stay tuned.

Remember, the asking price is above $50, that is the number I'm gonna try and haggle down too as it's decently higher than that lol.

So I grabbed the lamp today, in very good condition. The only thing that is kinda cruddy is the rubber plug but I am sure I can find something similar to use. It's simply prevents evaporation I believe. It's good enough for now but on it's way out.

Bottle is indeed glass.

It came with 12 critters and 5 colored translucent balls.

Bottle was easy to clean. A magic eraser attached to the toilet wand thingy I read about in this board when I first joined. Worked just fine. Bubbler and LED's turn on.

So, will fill tomorrow and get it going and take some video.

Claude I know you wanted this, however, at the moment I'm gonna hold on to it but you never know with me lol. I get bored quickly.

Lamp caretaker. You are not supposed to leave the soap on the critters, from what I gather. Simply clean them off with soap and water to make sure they are clean, unless the shitty lava lamp video was wrong.

Do you have specific instructions that came with your lamp that you can take picture of and post in this thread? If you soak them in soapy water, wouldn't the water get all sudsy?


KERO48 - This is the reason I said to see the video on youtube for proper instructions if your lamp did not come with instructions.  You soak the fish in a bowl of water and dish soap.  You then rinse the fish off. This prevents the fish from collecting bubbles on them when in the tank so they float up and down. NO - do not leave the soapy water on otherwise you will get cloudy lamp water.  As for the plug.  You can scrub it off or find someone here on OozingGoo who's willing to sell you one from a grande since LL uses the same type of plug  in both lamps.  You have all the critters.  The lamp comes with critters and balls.  I do not use the balls since it makes the lavquarium look fake and too kiddie looking.  When I added extra critters it  looked even better.  My favorite critter of them all is the 6 pronged jellyfish looking critter.  I tried to buy some extra online so my tank would look like a jellyfish tank but there was nothing online that worked.  I found some that looked similar from CHINA - again - they did not float they just bobbed at the top of the tank. Total rip off.  I have no idea what's inside the LavaLite fish but it sure ain't like the fake fish on Ebay.  If you ever come across someone selling the actual LavaLite critters...do notify me.  Greatly appreciated.  I do have the original box and instructions that come with the lamp.  It's sitting in the box with the lamp that arrived with no fish.  I paid 35 which included shipping from Ebay right before Christmas.  I'm glad I opened the box before leaving positive feedback otherwise I would not have received a full refund. I asked the Seller if they wanted the lamp back because without the critters it's useless.  I was told to keep it so it sits downstairs with my other lamps waiting for the day to get fired up.  Something else - the lamp has a black base which I did not know they came in silver and black.  I now have both. This being said if I have the time sometime this week I'll take a photo of the instructions and post them here.  You are going to dig your new lamp.  I was surprised when I fired mine up just how cool the lamp looks when on and in a dark room. It's kicks out a really nice deep blue like the LL blue glitter lamp color.   Even in a well lit room it still rocks.  Like I said it looks like a real aquarium only you don't have to feed the fish. 

Caretaker. Thanks, yep, soaked and rinsed the critters. Uploading a vidoe in a few minutes. I aboslutely LOVE the jelly fish. Oh man I wish they including more, there are only two of them. The don't move up and down as much as the fish but when they do they are great.

Question: Lava lamp sells new small aquarium lamps, why not get one of two of those for the critters, they are $20 though. I am think of getting one to add more critters.

The balls are okay, they clink around the bottle hahaha.

Watch for video!

I have the jellyfish from another lamp too.

Works great

I have a weird 2ft column fish lamp in the window and the recycled critters in there, 

Works fine but would rather have them in LL style someday

I'll keep my eyes out for both of you for whatever I can find.

I still wonder if the new critters would work nicely in this lamp. I would assume they are the same. Maybe I'll call Susan and ask if she can sell me a bag of new critters to add to the lamp.

So after running it a while the base develops a very annoying rattle. Almost sounds like a light banging. I wonder if something in the pump mechanism is loose. I assume it can be accessed from the bottom? Anyone ever access the innards?

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