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Hello, I really need help. I have tried to make a retro lava lamp twcie and the ooze doesnt not float. I have tried it with a liquid of 1.0 specific density (distilled water) and with a liquid of 1.05 specific gravity (distilled water and antifreeze). The ooze remains at the bottom of the bottle and is very liquidy. What can i do??? :( I really need to fix it somehow because i need it for a shool project

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You may want to try to adjust the liquid with pickling/rock salt or propylene glycol. I have not experienced the issue at hand but a lot of people suggest those ingredients to coax better movement out of their lamps.

you should continue to increase to specific gravity of the water by adding more antifreeze (propylene glycol).  do this while the wax is in a liquid state, and slowly add the antifreeze (a few drops at a time) until the flow you desire is achieved.

Yeah the specific gravity you are at is too low. Bump it up into slightly higher range with salt.

Because i did not have any antifreeze anymore i added more wax. I see some action and the ooze rises although it is really slow and doesnt realy from any bubble after 2 hours anymore. Do u think that the fact that there is a lot of ooze in the bottle matters? Or do i just have to add salt?

Well actually now it forms just one big bubble and it floats around at the middle of the bottle

Add salt now! Very small amount at a time (a pinch). Then wait for a few minutes to let it mix. Continue doing this until it flows

On the website it said 1 tea spoon salt so i did that before i read this comment and I did that.  Now the ooze warmed up very slow and after 2.30 hours it was floating and didnt come down. Should i just add a bit water??

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