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I was looking at getting this, seems pretty cool to me, but I need some expert input. What do you think it's worth, is this a fair deal?
Also, here's an icon (?) that I was looking at too. again, is it worth it? I see there is a bit of interest. I saw another one that has a buy it now price of $170, which is way out of my price range...

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yes, lol. I got a picture. it's a nice lamp, well worth the $7 he's asking for it.
k so is this the green tall plastic one with the peace sign on top ( if so i wrote them a few weeks ago ) I'm pretty sure its a chezzy china not a lava lite ceramic icon
no, it's just a plain ole 32 oz. blue/white lava I believe. I'm trying to get the 32 oz ones together to make a display. Were the people you wrote to from des moines?
ah, I'm seeing the one you are talking about if it's in Des Moines. Yeah, they never got back to me, but now I know not to bother : )
yeah the "peace" lamp is junk, when i first seen it i got all excited because i thought is was the peace icon.
I figured it was just trash, but there were only like 5 listed in the last month, one guy got back to me. I tried some other metro areas, and asked if they would ship. maybe I'll get some good deals, maybe not. I always ask for picture, because I don't want those glitter crappy ones they sell at wal mart....
Cindy, if you win the phone, insist that the globe be shipped separately from the base! The base is a lot heavier than other bases and if not packed properly it WILL smash the globe.
They are a very nice addition to your lava collection.

How do you figure the base will smash the globe? It's plastic! It's not very heavy & I doubt it could do any damage, unless in the hands of a ticked off owner! LOL.
I can see how that would happen....better to be safe than sorry I guess! Someone outbid me though, so I'm deciding if I want to go higher with it......ugh, starting this collection is beginning to be a pain, lol!!
Not sure how much the base actually weighs, but it feels like more than a couple of pounds. If not packed securely it could shift enough to cause problems, my opinion. With problems encountered with shipping lava lamps in general I would prefer to err on the side of caution. Now, I might have overstated the danger, but I definitely don't want to get hit in the head with one! ;)
Keep looking, Cindy. They pop up all the time!
oh, why oh why did you have to show me that?!?!?!?! Now I want one of those too!! lol!!!!

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