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Lava Lite's New Website & The NEW Heritage Collection


The new Heritage Collection will be available to buy 10/28

**Updated the Heritage Collection will be released today on LavaLite Website at 10am CST. Heres a sneak peak!

*** http://lavalamp.com/heritage-collection ***

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That stinks. I'm so sorry to hear it. These may be the last new Lava Lite lamps I ever buy. It's just too much of a crap shoot anymore. When you have lamps from the 70s-90s that work fine, there's no reason to buy the new ones knowing they could have these issues. 

Jeff said:

Well my fear came true tonight....black and brown flecks in the lava during flow  :(  This sux.  Quality control on new stuff (in general) really has gone downhill.  Yea these new Grandes flow great....but they apparently don't last.  At the price point I would have expected more than 3 months of clean wax.  My other Grande is 9 or 10 yrs old, from whenever they first released them and its wax is perfectly clean and thankfully the liquid is too. 

Very true... I may just keep spending my money on vintage lamps on eBay. those are 10+ years old and flow great, yes some have problems but it's still a 10 year old globe that for the most part flows beautifully in the case of the vintage USA bottles.

All this also doesn't bode well for our hopes of the 2 colors of the Colossus lamps said to be coming out in October this year.   I was so wanting a Neon Blue Colossus, or any Colossus if blue is not in the line-up, but I'd be afraid to buy one now, after all the mess with this year's offering. 

My Heritage Century is now just a base for a 52 oz. China glitter, the globe is junk.   The Red Wizard is alright, but has extremely boring flow, and now I'm getting a few nasty bits of gunk in the large coil of my V1 Green Grande......sigh. I have nightmares thinking about tweaking a Colossus after all the work on my Grandes and other lamps for months. 

Im plain scared of buying a Colossus after alot of the members here had major problems with their colossus in the past. I Think ive read more complaints than people saying theirs runs fine, so i will definitely stay away from the colossus if they come out, until reviews come in.

I think that with some time we will ALL start to see the dark flakes on the coils of our grandes, i think all the china lamps eventually get this, but at least these grandes dont get wax stuck to the bottom of the globe like other china lamps.

My Y/R century actually flows on par with my other china 52oz lamps but that is only after some extensive formula modification. I emptied the globe completely to filter the liquid several times and boil the wax in a boiling flask, after that i refilled the globe and added a ton of perc to the wax, then came the tinkering so I started adding a glycerin solution to the original liquid until I got the densities worked out again (the perc increased the density of the wax so the liquid needed compensation) after that it was just a matter of tinkering and i got it to flow like my other 52 china lamps, nothing great but it at least flows. It also now cools totally flat thanks to the perc and flow is china-like but not all stuck at the top at all anymore. Still not worth the money to have to go through all that for another china like lamp, they promised these to be premium and only the grande comes close to that.

You are right, Rodrigo, we should "not" have to be doing all this work on these lamps, which were not cheap, and I for one am purely sick of it.   I won't  be the guinea pig this round on the new Colossus lamps this Fall.   If they come out at all. 

My green V1 Heritage Grande also has small little flecks in the wax by the coil, too. So, both lamps have it. We'll see how they look when they flow. Both of them flipped their coils, so it's been over 4.5 hours now and they're not flowing. They will flow, but when they flips their coils over (which they often do), they take FOREVER to get going. 

Oh no, Erin, that's horrible!!   Now I'll be watching my Pink like a hawk.......drat.    Both my V1's always do the flip and it takes at least 8 to 10 hours for them to even start to flow, although they spike pretty quickly even in "flipped" position.  Actually, they spike and collapse several times before flowing.  

I just hope that gunk on the coils doesn't start becoming visible in the flow, but I'm alarmed that Jeff's did.

Got a nice spike today instead of the flip, but can clearly see the black crap in the one spot mixed into the wax...must be what I saw yesterday during flow that broke free from the coil. 

** The photo really doesn't show it the best...looks like bubbles but in person its definitely NOT bubbles, its black specks. 


Photo's of the spike


my Neons spike a bit or flip .Hours later .. the spikes go down .  Then they BUBBLE and I mean BUBBLE !!! this can go on for hours ! Finally the last stage i call pathetic merlins hat . they form a pointy dome and pea shoot. Thats the sum total. 

THESE ARE BORING !! For the hype and the price I am extremely disappointed !

Damn...that pink one looks like what that blue/yellow one was doing to me that I decided to dump and have goo kitted since I got disgusted with it.

These must be V2s....the 1st run of the heritage grande I don't think anyone reported doing the pea shooting stunt.

Both of my V1's run perfectly, they always flip their coils though and do take about six hours to flow normally and normal for my Heritage Grande's is awesome.  

Joanne, you shouldn't have to do this since they are new, but have you tried a socket extender?  Also what is your room's temp?  Winter runs can be bad when the room temp is even a tad low.


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