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The new Heritage Collection will be available to buy 10/28

**Updated the Heritage Collection will be released today on LavaLite Website at 10am CST. Heres a sneak peak!

*** http://lavalamp.com/heritage-collection ***

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I ran the globes long enough to get them moving well, but not overheating, about 4-5 hours for 52 oz. I set them up on a timer running every other day, since I figured having a little extra time to settle wouldn't hurt and I wasn't in a hurry.

I have a hard time believing cycling helps China-made lamps.  I cycled my cloudy red/clear Grande 8 hours on / 8 hours off for several weeks and it made no difference.  It only clears up after being off for several weeks, and it clouds back up once it is on again.

Ian said:

How did you cycle the lamps? Like how long each day did you run them for, mainly the Grande? My Grande is extremely cloudy, but I have had it for about 6 years now with a 5 year dormant period, and I really want to try cycling it to see if it helps. I would love for it to clear up some at least.. It is purple/yellow.

The green neon grande flow is awesome!  Reminds me of Mathmos flow.

I think my Century is going back. There's wax stuck all the way around the very top. I wrote Lava Lite last night. We'll see what they say. 


Does it even flow?

Erin said:

I think my Century is going back. There's wax stuck all the way around the very top. I wrote Lava Lite last night. We'll see what they say. 

Yes, it goes. Boring China flow, but it flows. The bottom mound is how it ended up cold. I've never seen lava do that. 

Erin, I'm having EXACTLY the same issue with the very same lamp - let us know what LL says as I'm pretty close to send mine back as well.


Mine ran really nice the first time I fired it up after it warmed up about 6 hours but then the problems started - I had the big glob of wax at the top just like you have and that eventually dropped down the second time I ran it - I was left with the wax buildup up in the neck right under the cap above the fluid line and this buildup seems to be stuck as it just doesn't get hot enough up there to melt it.  With the wax being stuck up there the fluid line is low and shows below the rim of the top cap. 

I'm a LL newbie of sorts but was really excited to see these premium lamps but to be honest my $14 Menards lamp runs better than this one. 

Yep. All my Neons run better than this thing, and at over half the cost. 

Same here, mine overheats or just hardens and stops if dimmed, no sweet spot what so ever. Also the cloudy yellow looks like dirty brown water and the base is bent. Mines already definitely going back, hopefully that shows LL unhappy customers and they try to fix the problems, we'll see

Wow Erin, that's a hard recovery even for vintage lamps.  When the wax sticks in the neck it can be very difficult to fix.

I've been posting about my Heritage Century since last Friday, also posted pics of stuck wax in the very top, under the cap,  and down the side, telling of every problem you all are mentioning. I worked with it for nearly a week, changing to a 60w bulb, which did finally melt the wax, but it has no flow to speak of, as everyone else is saying also.   I mentioned that mound in the bottom when the wax cools, and I haven't ever seen that either.  I am running mine on an old Midnight Century base with the heat ring, 60w bulb and a plug in dimmer, which is not even necessary.   We shouldn't have to be jumping through hoops like this.   If it doesn't run on the Heritage Century base, it's useless to even keep it.   I've tried everything I know to do, and that is all any of us can do.   Time to send them back, gang.

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