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Hi guys.

Not sure how active this site is anymore but i would like to investigate the possibilities for upgrading my Mathmos Lunar with fresh water and wax as the old water is faded and the wax looks a little strange. First off, where will i find the stuff to replace the wax and water in the bottle? second. I have been playing with the idea of putting in white wax and clear water and the instead of a normal bulb, the install an LED ring + a heating lamp that don´t emits any light but only heat so the wax would be kinda colour changing because of the LED´s.

Has anyone else been playing with this idea and perhaps has any tips and tricks worth knowing about?


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You can buy new bottles direct from Mathmos if you don't fancy DIY'ing and are in the EU, no white/clear though, it's worth following them on social media though as they occasionally do "one day only" runs of special colours:


I've seen a couple of posts mentioning potential quality control issues with the blue/green atm though.

DIY wise, most people get their stuff from gookit, I've no idea about the quality as I've never used them.

The LED/heat thing sounds cool and I'm amazed mathmos themselves haven't properly gone down this path yet.

If you decide to experiment keep us posted!  I'd possibly experiment on a small lamp first though, Lunars are going for a fair chunk of cash second hand, modding it would possibly nuke some of the value.

Already done it with multiple large sized lamps

Here is my LUNAR


Here are Grandes


Took me @ 6 months of R&D and @$500USD in parts to find dependable components
Most cheap ones failed within a week.
As a result, over-engineered the electronics to endure constant use in a heated environment

I also sell conversion KITS for grandes with instructions

Where might I find one of these kits, and are they available in Canada?

Hey, I just posted a very similar question! I still have no idea what the solution is, but I'm also looking!


Hello Dee (and everyone else)

I DO MAKE  DYI KIT for considerably less $ than the $325 I now charge for a complete lamp

For $150+shipping you get all the tried and true engineered electrical components to make your own. Remote control  RGB Grande.
The most complicated part is cutting the small notch where the top cone and bottom base meet.
No worries,.., if you cut it in the back of the lamp and screw it up, nobody will know it's there but you.
The flat cable is  for the RBG LED signal to pass from the controller to the LED ring

HINT: The clear master fluid is simply Distilled water and Surfercant (the base chemical for making soap)

For the fluorescent dye for the lava (that makes it look white,  opaque and glow under blacklight),, simply order fluorescent blue from magnatoweer when you order your goo kit,

The grande takes a full quart of goo and one complete tab of dye.


Dee Pocha said:

Where might I find one of these kits, and are they available in Canada?

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