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Greetings fellow lava lovers,

Willing to part with my some Carramar lamps for some globes in return. Interested in any clear liquid/colour combo.

I have two up for grabs. Both are rocket styled (not the crown looking base that was later released), with the three pronged base (Riveted version).

Will post some pics up over the weekend.

Just a heads up, I'm in Oz.

Ciao for Now!


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Looking for Lava brand? I do have some of those, though I'm in the US. Very interested in a Carramar if it's the earlier sort with pointed legs. Let me know what you've got and what you're looking for.

Hey. I'm no stranger to international trading. And yes, lava brand is perfectly fine. What you got in clear combo?

I've posted up a pic of the first one. The globe has run about 10 times (was brand new out of box).

Leg's on the base are sturdy as. The base is brand new and still in it's packaging (the one I've got in the pic is my display one).

That one is awesome! One reason I love these is that they look like there's no room for a bulb. What color is the other one? Much prefer these to the other Carramar base.

Looks like I have less than I remembered that're 'extra.' I havee: 09 purple, 10 red, 11 yellow, a pink (a faded 21 'royal red'), and another yellow (a faded 25 yellow/purple). I also have an almost-faded white/blue that, if I gave it a few days of sun, would be a cream/clear.

Wow, what a cool looking lamp!!!  I've never seen one like that!!

Wanna trade some USA lamps for some Mathmos lamps? 

Marcel said:

I would be interested too.

You can go see my lamps in my gallery :)

But i have no USA Lamps. Most are Mathmos Lava lamps and Bottles :)

Hi all. I have PM'ed each member who has expressed interest so far.

So for now, I'm going to put all future offers on hold as I'm not willing to part with the other one just yet (but will soon!).

I'll give an update when that happens.

Thank you so far for the response.

Likey the low slung design and quality of your Australian Carramar's Linh.

Its just the shipping costs.ughh..

Hello everyone. Update!

Now putting up my second lamp for offer.

The 2nd one on offer is the red globe (brand new base to it's immediate right, never used, just out for a picture and back into plastic it goes).

The red globe is in used condition with great flow (yellow globe is brand new, ran approx 10 times).

Yeah I know what you mean. They are solid bases and the glass globes are quite quick, contributing to the overall weight. Which equates to one heavy sucker.

Please ignore base in background and the one to far right. They are not on offer unfortunately. :)

Aladdin 2 Lava said:

Likey the low slung design and quality of your Australian Carramar's Linh.

Its just the shipping costs.ughh..

I would be interested in the clear/red Carramar if it's not already spoken for. I do believe Jonas might have first dibs however. 

Depends on shipping costs...

Shipping cost from my end will be at least $95 USD.



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