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Hi Everyone! I am new here, but I know I'm not the first one to make lava lamps out of liquor bottles... Check out some of my creations at:




Let me know what you think...

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Have you considered making your own bases that are a better fit instead of modifying existing bases?
I have considered that, but haven't quite figured the best, easiest, cleanest way to make a good looking base that fits the various bottle diameters. It looks hacked the way I've been doing it, but it works great. I would like to figure out how to rivet a band of metal to the outside of each of the rook-looking pieces on top, but I haven't figured out where to get the metal yet, or where to find a hand rivet machine. I got started buying lamps at second hand stores (usually with malfunctioning wax), keeping the coils, chucking the globe, and using the base. I would rather not use lamp bases at all, because at some point I'll have to buy them new, but it does work. I wish I had better metal working resources because I could probably buy the component parts  much cheaper, and make my own to fit. Please share ideas!
you may be able to customize something from a building supply shop, like the up lights that people put behind plants in corners and such, they would be much closer to the size of the larger bottles you are using.  As for a hand riveter, a home supply place or harbor freight should have one, or of course, online.
If you check out one of my Pendleton's, you'll see it is an uplight! It worked nicely actually. I just wish I had more than one shape and size to choose from... I need my own metal working shop  :)

One of my Absoluts also uses an uplight... After you buy the uplight and the bulb though, you might as well buy a wal mart lava lamp for the coil!


get a stainless spring online, or use something else stainless, other lamp bases would just give a smoother look, there are also some members here that have made their own bases from scratch.  I do not accel at metal work, but I know there are some on here that do if you look through the pictures



I have purchased stainless steel mesh and cut it into strips and that works quite well. One of the reasons I joined this group was to learn more about the metal work end of it. Can anyone here throw me a good lead?


I also want to build a retro lava lamp that runs on candle power not electricity. Has anyone done that? I have some pretty far out ideas in my head that seem pretty achievable.


And can anyone tell me the legal status of this wonderful creation? The patent is officially public domain right?

If you have a Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store near they should sell building supplies.  I would think that you could find old lamps or lamp parts that you could make your bases from.  I also would like to make my own lava and glitter so I already keep my eyes open for interesting parts.


You don't need a metal working shop, just some hand tools and imagination.  I have bent sheet metal on blocks of wood, steel cylinders etc.  It would be nice to have a shop full of equipment but don't let that stop you.  I have seen at work stainless steel light fixtures that may work,


The lamps you made look great, I have a bottle of UV vodka that would make a great glitter or lava lamp.  I wish I knew where you could buy glitter solution by the gallon.  Someone on the planet must sell glitter by the gallon.

That's verry true Jack - you dont need a lot of fanicy stuff - I ushlie just use what I can srounge from the garage and make do, I do have a lode of electrical / lighting tools but they were for lighting work not nessary lava lamps.

I am sure I can find you glitter particulies - FX companies can sell you that.

It will be intresting to see somone make a glitter lamp - I havent tryed but it is a idea, is it manly solvent they are or were made out of.

What formula are you using to fill these bottles with? China, vintage USA, Gookit, home made, other?

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