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My early 70s Century lamp takes about three hours to heat up and get flowing and then it is very sluggish.  I believe it is missing theheat ring that goes between the globe and the bulb.

Anybody have a spare heat ring?  Alternatively, anybody know how to make one?


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Wow amazing thank you . I’ll have to give this a try . 

now I have 3 good options , the tin foil I could tomorrow , the metal one not sure but I have the tools I think and last a stronger bulb [ a 60 watt bulb ] 

would you suggest trying the higher watt bulb first or maybe the tin foil , both of those I could try over the week end . 

thanks once more for such great advice!

not recommended to go to a higher wattage.

Especially for a vintage lamp where the components can grow brittle over time
you can try a 40-watt Halogen Reflector and more directly focus the light output,, thus giving more heat to the globe

Thank you for all the tips .  I’ll let u guys know how it turns out , it’s so weird that it worked good the frist few days 

that’s a lovely lamp you have on eBay 

I found 2 reflect bulbs , one is longer then the other , here’s a pic , they both fit am thinking trying the longer one 

Made a heat ring , wish me luck lol , gonna try the a 15 40 w bulb frist 

I'm honestly unsure why a 1970s lamp would begin to take much longer to heat up, using the proper 40-watt bulb. Heat rings were introduced in the late 1990s, they were never sold in the 70s, but making one out of foil is an idea.

Hi , so am back to report I went with the a 15 40w bulb with the heat ring , it just wasn’t getting hot even after 4 hours , then I went with the tall reflector bulb and the heat ring , by 2 hours in the lamp was flowing great , after about 6 hours maybe even got to hot . The next day I went with the tall 40 w reflector bulb no heat ring , works great and doesn’t get that hot . 

with the heat ring the very top of glass was very hot , before with the a 15 bulb the top of glass was cold for hours . 

thanks for all the info that’s 4 lamps I have been able to get going good with the advice and info from this site . 

I skipped the ring and went with a standard 40w utility bulb and a sliding dimmer switch.  Has been working fine for about six months now.

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