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Looking for a quality bottle capper and caps that seal well

I recently purchased a hand held 'Red Baron' bottle capper.  Much to my dismay I found it would not crimp properly due to the short length of the neck on a conventional Lava World globe.  It simply can't close around it due to the transition starting at the bottom of the very short neck.


In addition, I bought some 26mm bottle caps from L.D. Carlson.  They are the oxygen barrier type.  I noticed that on true beer bottles there is a slightly sharp angle on the bottom of the lip of the bottle allowing the edge of the cap to fold under a bit tighter than it would on the rounded type found on lava lamp globes and standard pop bottles.  Even so, after properly crimping one on a beer bottle I found that I could still twist the cap.  Sounds like it could leak to me if it laid on it's side for a period of time.


What specific brand of capper and cap should I be using to get an absolutely leak proof seal on 10/20/32 oz. globes?  Can anyone provide model, price and where it can be found?  Hoping for some help on this one.  I have some kittys in the house and would hate for them to be poisioned by a leaking lamp should one be tipped over by accident while I am away from home.

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You want what you see here - http://www.kwaree.com/blog/2008/02/16/super-agata-bench-capper-and-...

I have one and it does what it's suppose to. I also use the same caps in the picture, just in a silver color. I got like 50/100 caps for like $2.50 I think? Capper was $45 locally. It has paid for itself. That I can attest to :)

You don't need oxygen barrier caps or anything like that. Standard bottle caps in silver. That's all ya need!

BTW - I have kitties too. They destroyed a blue/white grande. Lol. They were playing, slid into the base, the top of the globe hit a shelf but the base kept going. Globe shattered all over the floor along with the blue liquid. Looks like someone did a drive by on some smurfs. The cats all ran away. I cleaned it up quickly with a wet dry. Took me 30 minutes to make sure no glass shards were still around.

Suffice to say, no lamps are left out.
Thanks Kris:

I've seen this model on the web once before. Can you twist the caps on the bottles after they are installed or do they stay put as they should? That's a major concern for me, especially if one has to be shipped somewhere. I appreciate your input.

Does anyone know if the Super Agata capper will work on 32 and 52 oz. globes? Can the caps be twisted around after they are installed? Seems that taking apart a Red Baron is a bit cumbersome and potentially dangerous. I'd really rather use the Agata if it works the way it should. Seems there is someone from Lava World out there that might have some information on what would work having seen the assembly back in the USA days.

I was also wondering if the shoulder on the Lava World caps is longer than the shoulder on the classic beer bottle caps?
The Super Agata will work perfect, the reason your cap is spinning now is because it is not installed fully. If you use the bench capper it will not spin, it will also fit any bottle you try to use it on. The caps LavaWorld used were standard bottle caps that were made by Crown, Cork & Seal, nothing special but the printing.

Yup, what LampHead said.

My Super Agata capper has capped 52 and 32oz bottles. It caps those chinese bottles that use the stupid aluminum caps too if you remove them and refill. No leaks or anything. Also no- the caps will not twist off.
Ah how I miss the old lava lite logo on the white caps... Really was the best logo in my opinion, the newest one they are using is just terrible. As a graphic designer I am offended they branded such a name with such a terrible Ed Hardy wannabe logo... then again, it certainly reflects China quality...

Thanks for the info guys, I'm hoping to start creating & filtering lamps soon, so this thread was purrrfect!

Hi Kris. I received a Super Agata automatic type bottle capper today. I mounted it on the table and proceeded to cap a 32oz. bottle. The only caps I currently have are the oxygen barrier type. It sealed but you can twist the cap around on the bottle using minimal force. Not getting a good seal here. It looks like the rubber in the oxygen barrier cap might be a bit thicker than the original cap. Any thoughts?
Just my luck. The only piece of the puzzle preventing me from replacing goo and shipping globes after they are finished. Figures.
Is that a stock photo or is that actually your capper with the caps you use? I'd like some particulars on where to get the capper and proper caps if you would tell me please. I did a bit of research before purchasing the Agata capper and never saw one like this one. Looks like a better option to me. The tool can be stored after use, not taking up a lot of space on the table.
Thanks for the info. Even though my bottle caps can be turned on the top of the bottle, I have had them lying on their sides for several hours now over a paper towel. I haven't seen any leakage. Still concerns me a bit that I can move the caps.

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