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Hello all,

I am looking for a replacement bottle (original or a safe substitute) for a Russian Cosmos lamp. I bought one on eBay, but the bottle has a large nick in the glass, and I think it would be a bad idea to heat it up. I have attached two pictures of the lamp for reference. Thanks in advance!

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I just saw this on Ebay Kleinanzeigen (Germany), not a single bottle, but the whole lamp:


But shipping to the US may be a bit too complicated & expensive...

Thank you, Peter. I'm really only looking for a spare bottle or maybe the suggestion of a wine bottle that is the same size and safe to use.

Are these Lamps widespread in the US? Or other stuff from kocmoc / cosmos?

I have never seen one in original, although I live in former East-Berlin and have been on quiet a lot of fleamarkets in the past 25 years...

They aren't native to the US. I bought 2 online from eBay sellers abroad. One came with a nick in the bottle, and the other has an intact bottle.

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