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I just purchased a second hand Mathmos Astro from an online auction site. It is a white / clear Mathmos 3-in-1. In the auction photos it was beautifully clear however when it arrived it was the complete opposite – totally cloudy, so cloudy I couldn't even see the lava. I have been cycling it for the past week and I think I can see a slight improvement – I am able to just see the lava now.

I am cycling 6 hours on 6 hours off. Is this the best way to do it or is there a better way? Is it likely that  it will clear? How long is it likely to take?

I have attached a few photos of how it looks at the moment.

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Man, I don't know if it will go back to "beautifully clear" as you stated in your post. If it doesn't go back to clear, have you thought about contacting the person who sold you this lamp, and try to get your money back?

Firstly about the auction and how it was advertised - was the picture of it this exact lamp as sellers have been known to upload pictures of the same lamp they are selling but not the achual one. I asume you brought it through ebay, if so and you want to get a refund then the ebay protection policy can help you out. 

If it were me I would contact the seller about this so they know and try to find out why you got a cloudy lamp insted of whats advertised - somthing that may have happend is if the seller posted the lamp warm, in trandsit this would have made it cloudy. I wouldent try to return it and get a refund as the lamp is rair and worth fixing and keeping. 

For somthing this cloudy cycling it is not going to work - the best way would be to filter it, check out this section in the lava libary for info on filtering http://oozinggoo.ning.com/page/cloudy

Yes, the picture was of the exact lamp and I am certain the cloudiness has happened during shipping. I have contacted the seller and we will sort things out one way or another.

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