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Just got my shipment of Mathmos bottles in (thanks a bunch Drew!). I looked them over and the clarity is unreal. I also have to ask - what's with the 90% water and 10% wax ratio? There is very little wax in these things. What am I missing?

Compared to a USA 52oz, it's about half an inch less wax in the bottle. I am a little confused on that. Any info?

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Is this a new thing or has it always been like that? I guess as long as the flow is fine it doesn't matter. I was just kinda taken back with how little wax their is. The white in your picture flows really nice.

As of right now, I just put my clear/orange on to burn so I will see how it flows after it gets going. The color is nice from what I can see so far.
I wish I could've scored a few of those bottles...

The Mathmos lamps seems to have a different flow cycle with less wax - they don't blob to the top and do that "downward dripping phase" thing that lw lamps go through... I have a grande and it flows so differently from the Mathmos lamps partly because of the amount of wax - I reckon it has too much wax in it. I prefer the column blob up and back down Mathmos approach but it's probably just a phase I'm going through ;) Just MHO...
I know I am going to catch hell for saying this - but I much prefer USA 32oz globes from the 90's over Mathmos. As for Mathmos vs China made lamps. I dunno. The one thing Mathmos has that none of them have is the clarity of the fluid. I think that along with the bottle itself is just super clear. I really like that. The wax in the Mathmos bottles just seems to "watered down" for my taste. Too translucent as well. There does not seem like enough wax in the bottle to get a good flow like I am used to in the USA 32's. I really am not sure why they would put so little wax in these things. Just seems like a waste to me.

Anyways - Mathmos as far as quality goes, is better than China made lamps. However as for the wax in my previous China lamps - there was more of it and it flowed much better (or what I am used to), than Mathmos lamps. Plus the wax is nice and thick in the China lamps - not including the damn red/clears. My comparison is based on my clear/white, clear/lime and clear/black. All flow great. The clear/red Chinas are pure crap.

Please don't hate me. The color is nice, the flow is ok. The wax is - so so. For all my complaining (I think I mostly complained about China lamps :P ), I love the USA 32's the most. The flow, the wax density, just scrumptious. I was excited to get some Mathmos bottles because I thought they would be the same way. They aren't.

Oh well. I like them - but they would be second on my list as far as favorites go.
Really nice collection of astros. The blue/white (I made one with an astrobaby), the yellow/yellow look relaly cool! And I know why purple/red and yellow/red are still on Mathmos catalog, they just do look fab!
Im with you on that one Brian Mathmos Rule :-) Lovely Lamps
I am second with you guys on Mathmos. Each person to his or hers own opinions. I my self don't like lots of lava i think its way to busy for me. I personally don't like the china lamps that much i not to keen on its flow,even though i own one in my photo album. I do like the china revamped lamps with that lava Louie stuff.

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