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Apologies if this is elsewhere on the forum but i can't find it. Please direct me to the tread if so.

I was looking at Astro replacement bottles on the website yesterday and several said that they were not suitable for black Astros, and some said not for silver ones.

Just wondered if this is due to how it makes the colours look or if there is a specific design/size difference.

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I like the pink/yellow one, but i want to see one running before i buy one. I don't have a newer Astro, just an old Crestworth which i use new bottles in. (Hence why i wondered if they were different). It takes ages to heat up so i don't imagine i'll have major overheating issues. Pink should look nice with copper.

One dau i'll be brave and replace the contents of the original. It still looks ok but getting cloudier by the year. :(

I have a clear turquoise I run on a 25W bulb or Dimmer.

They do run Blim Blim on a 40w/normal Astrolamp base !

BTW... My copper bases give off more heat than the Aluminium's !

Hmmm. I'll have to check that out, I don't have an Aluminium to compare to* but my copper one is SLOW!! Maybe it's the bulb. When I get my anniversary one next week I'll have a race to see which heats up the quickest to give me some idea.


*I only have Jets, Astro Baby's and Telstars otherwise. About time I had some more big ones!

Oh, and a neon Lava Lite, but it doesn't compare.

I just assumed the anodized bases gave off less heat hence a lighter formula.


The Crestworth Blue/Ruby was my all time favourite combo, I have one but it goes cloudy when it reaches flowing temperature. The Mathmos Blue/Red is gorgeous but I preferred the deeper Crestie colours.  
neil neil orange peel said:

Got my clear/turquoise running beautifully on the 25w clear golfball bulb. Thanks a lot for that but why such a light formula? Do you think its an attempt at energy saving measures? Whats your alltime favourite colour Aladdin? we love the clear/pink but its getting cloudier with every use. 

Clear/Pink is my favourite with a copper base.

I know it's probably the most common colour combination but there's something lovely about violet and red. I switch my Telstar around a lot but always go back to that. Maybe because it was my first. (18 years old and still crystal clear!!)

Least favourite is clear/purple in my Fireflow. Wish i had one of the others.

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