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Hey, I have a Mathmos Clear/ White listed on Ebay and shipping is from Florida and calculated, so it won't break the bank. Check it out:


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Thanks for sharing. However I wanted to let you know it's actually cheaper to buy it from UK and have it shipped here. $120 shipped for the same lamp.

Your buy it now is $120, plus another $22 for shipping. $144
Shipping shouldn't necessarily be 22.00, what state do you live in? I suppose I could have made the buy it now for 100.00, does that sound better? Not sure if I can change it now or not.
I am in VA. I was not trying to be rude or anything. Just wanted to let you know. Personally, if it was $100 shipped, that would be a great price. That's just my opinion though.
I actually do appreciate the advice, though $100 shipped would put me in the red, especially with ebay and paypal fees, I actually paid $85 for this. Do you think people might prefer to buy Mathmos Astro Bottles for like $65.00 (buy it now) plus shipping from Florida, it is still a savings over getting them from the UK, and they do fit well in the Century Bases. I myself do not really like the Mathmos bases anyway. What do you think? I know people want these lamps and I'm willing to try and meet the need, but I will not do it if Im going to lose money. Just tryin to spread the love in the states ya know.
I think that is a good price for the bottles. You might want to use the flat rate shipping charges. I think you can fit the bottles in the box just fine. Might want to check that though. Flat rate drops shipping to 12/15 bux roughly.

Yeah, stay away from ebay if you can. If you plan on selling them, offer them here to get your name out and such. Will save a ton on fees. Thats why I have not sold on ebay in forever.

For a globe, your looking at $80 shipped. Roughly. Not a bad price at all. Are you going to be getting in the blue/blue globes?
Yeah, I will get the Blue/Blue, actually all 6 colors. Maybe it would be nice if some people here would tell me which colors to get, because I can not really tell what would be popular. How do I sell on here, it doesn't seem as secure to me. Maybe Cash on Delivery Services? I don't know. I also have full lamps in Violet/Red, Violet/Orange, Yellow/Red, Another Clear/White and Blue/Green. I am just probing ebay first with the one Clear/White to see what happens ya know.
Well, if the price is right, I would be happy to purchase some from you. I would be happy to be your first customer off eBay.

As for who to trust anyone here can speak for those they know. You can also check their eBay feedback and heat feedback.
I think I got it figured out, I can just use PayPal still and accept money orders and personal checks. I can offer these here directly to avoid ebay fees at least then I can sell them for less and pass the savings on. It really depends on how many I can sell at once. I do not really want to guess what people want so what I will do is ask you to please tell me which colors you would want, If I can get a number of gooheads to tell me what color they would want, I might be able to offer them for 60.00 each instead of the previously stated 65.00, plus shipping from florida using the flat rate box as you have suggested, and I would combine shipping for multiple bottles purchased to save you even more money, how does this sound? Maybe I should start a new thread with this offer and request for info from everyone. My goal would be 50 bottles between everyone, If I can at least get close to 50 requests, then I could just go for it and sell the rest on ebay, even with the damn fees ( I will just have to increase the price to 65.00 for ebay I guess)

Please tell me if you think that deal is worth it to you, and I will get the process started.

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