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hope someone can help

im trying to collect all the mathmos Glitterbabys that were released but could someone tell me all the colours you can get?

so far iv seen red and green but i cant find any pictures of official advertising. i also just got the pink glitterbaby but when lit up it turns orange. is this normal?






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I think the gliterbabies are not being produced any more - they were made in the 90's by Mathmos and also earlier by Cretsworth (these bottles still fit astrobabie bases). The difference between Cretsworth and Mathmos glitter bottles is the Mathmos ones have about half the glitter as the Cretsworth ones so look more modern where as the Cretsworth ones look more vintage.

Yea it is normal for the glitters to change colour as the bottom of the globe has a glass paint on the bottom to change the lights colour.

The glitterbabies are hard to come across - I have 2 (one of which is a Cretsworth bottle) and I think these were the only ones I saw on ebay.

Hears a link to info on them http://www.imovatedesign.co.uk/astro/2000.html

thanks very much.


do you have any pics of the clear silver one you are selling and how much are you selling it for?



someone has listed a silver glitter/clear astrobaby on ebay just a few hours ago and it looks in good condition. not a fan of the glitter myself so i wont be bidding.




hope that helps if your after one



are the exceptions just ones that have been modded or were they released by mathmos?



Hi there

I think the execptions were made by Mathmos but were never on general release.

love the look of glitter babys
WOW nice display!

yup very nice.


really like the red one! where did you get that?

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