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Hello Lava lamp enthusiasts, I recently bought two Mathmos Telstar rocket lamps and had them

forwarded to me from the U.K. They arrived in one piece, but when I set them up and plugged them into

some U.K. - US power plug conversions they turn on but don't seem to get hot enough to melt the wax. I

had them plugged in for 1.5 days and they still did not flow. I am wondering if I should buy some

different power plugs from amazon? Has anyone else who owns Mathmos lamps had this issue? Can

Someone point me towards the U.K.- US plug conversion they have bought that works with their lamps?

I doubt the lamps are faulty... Any specific advice from Mathmos owners would be great.


Will try to post pictures of the conversion plugs I bought later today...

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UK household voltage is 240v, I think USA is 120v. You're running the lamps on half the power they're designed to be run at. Good job you didn't do it the other way around (120v in 240v) as you could've burned your house down. You'll either need a transformer box to convert 120v to 240v or someone with enough electrical knowledge to swap out the components for ones compatible with American voltages.
Thanks for the great info i think ill find some converters.
All my step-up converters are LiteFuze. I recommend this brand as well.

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