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Mathmos launch clear/white in telstar/astro baby as well as astro

Mathmos has launched the famous colour clear/white in astro baby and telstar i bet this will be a ltd edition batch.

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I allready ordered one and found out the yesterday when there lauching the new lava lamp don't want to tell anyone to spool the suprise
oooh! they look sweet - I better start saving!
damn, they are only available on the mathmos uk-site and not in germany. do you know if or when mathmos sells these one in germany?
They only released these colours yesterday, and all the astro are out of stock don't know why. I have 4 astro but don't have the clear/white one. I still have coloured bulbs from the astro 3in1 and though't i could use the white bottle to change the colour of the lamps any subjections please let me know.
please use punctuation marks. that makes it much easier to read and understand your posts ;-)
Sorry I have now edited the post.
thanks bondan I will try this and have a go, A lot of places don't sell coloured bulbs in the uk but i have found a website that stock red/green/yellow/blue/orange so I will have a goo and post some pics on here.
i've emailed mathmos. let's see if they answer...
i've got an answer now. they wrote that the release for other countries would be in a few days but they mentioned no special date. hmm...
Yeah, electricplanet has them.
Now, I am dying to know what you are talking about. Are they adding more color combinations or what?
These are real cool. Mathmos even emailed me about them. What an honour!

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