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Some say Im greedy, Im not really sure... but ive managed to score another 2 lunars so now have 4 :) to be honest seeing them all lined up does make me smile! 

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@Peter: you must ask Arne. He filled the glitterball Lunar years ago and sold it later to the USA. 

Hmmm its been a long time since I've done that but I think that it was wax of four glitterball aluminium and fluid would have been seven though I had some spare fluid and got away with 4 glitterballs in total. I just poured the glitterballs into the lunar globe. If you want to do one yourself here's the steps: 1. pour about half of the liquid of each glitterball plus the additional liquid from three more glitterballs (about 2 - 2.25 litres) into the lunar globe. 2. heat the 4 glitterball vases all at once. 3. shake the lunar bottle so the sides are somewhat coated with liquid 4. quickly take a glitterball vase and gently pour it into the lunar, directly followed by the other three bottles. 5. wait untill the mess becomes a huge glitterball again. 

It important to leave half of the liquid in the vases because if you empty all the liquid the tiny particles of the glitterball aluminium get stuck to the inside of the bottle leaving only the wax to be poured into the lunar. glitterballs are one of those vases which are best poured as they are in the middle of running them or at least in full flow (hot is good). The masterfluid is so thick, it doesnt cloud by doing that cos the wax doesnt even separate while pouring. 

Honestly I don't remember if I have a video of the lunar glitterball but mile high owns it now, he might have one. I do have a few videos of the metallic lunars on you tube though...the red and the purple...sadly I forgot my account data but they are deffo still on there :)

In regards to dust...there will always be some dust but as long as its not a big long hair you'll probly not see it anyway. Just dont leave all the bottle open while heating them etc.. Also its important to use good glitterballs and not those which have almost translucent wax coz all the aluminium particles are in the masterfluid. You can always get new masterfluid but if your wax looks shit your wax looks shit...I have no idea how to refresh that...although I haven't tried yet...

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