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Hey everyone

So I ordered a Clear/Black bottle yesterday at about half 2 with free delivery and it arrived this morning! Fantastic service once again from Mathmos.

I thought I'd post a couple of pics just in case anyone was curious to see the colour, I think it's great.

(Sorry about the glair)

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Hey, no etching because this is a bottle when this colour just launched (this post is about 13 years old).

This is also a lot darker than my other newer clear/black bottles (with etching). I noticed with the early darker bottles the black dye would leach into the liquid making it grey so I guess they reduced the pigment and changed it to clear/black plum.

Totally agree, the effect is better in an Astro, and even better in an Evo.

Weirdly, one of these images used to be the first result on Google when you typed in lava lamp or Mathmos a while ago. I think someone took it and put it on Pintrest and it got some exposure.

Interesting about the new website, will have to keep a look out for that.

Noz said:

Hi Paul. I have just noticed that your bottle doesn't have a logo on it. 

Mine has a mathmos etched logo on the bottle. I wonder if they're stopping doing it. 

I have some bottles on order for my evo, so we'll see if they've got them on or not. I will post again when they arrive. 

They look great against a coloured backlit wall. Looks great on the white AstroBaby. 

No apologies necessary for the glare

I've taken 100's pics of lamps for eBay and its near impossible to eliminate glare without a photobooth

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