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Does anybody know what the new first 100 due to be released from Mathmos is? I'm guessing they will announced the actual item nearer the 15th June. I'm not on any social media sites to be able to take a look. Thanks for any info :)

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They are giving very little away. The only slight spoilers i can see are "groovy" as featured on instagram and "new metal finish" in their email ad. 

So i would guess at a new astro or telstar with a "groovy" "new metal finish". 

I know i will be there boots blacked! 

Just been on fb, and they have an moving ad, which shows a record playing and a lathe spinning "something", so i do think it's probably either a new style base or as i say a new astro or telstar. 

I would like to see the shiny black finish or something bright and colourful. 

Some instagram posts are saying "lunar", but i think this is very unlikely. 

I hope it's a proper new lamp and not a candle one. 

Kind of wondering if it'll be a copper version of an Astrobaby or Telstar... while I'd be into it, I'm hoping for something totally new. Could also just be brushed aluminum if it's a literal take on grooves. 

That's a good take on grooves, but i think it's more to do with record sales. I think they are trying to beat a sales record by telling everyone first. 

Would love an all copper telstar or a shiny black astro. I am really hoping it's a totally new style of lamp with a new style bottle. Not a rehash. And new bottle colours would be even better. But i think I'm setting my hopes too high. 

With the telstar being out of stock for so long and on back order, something is screaming telstar at me. 

I'm hoping for either a white or black Astro or Astro baby. Or a totally different modern twist on a lava lamp. Failing that, I doubt it will tempt me. 

I think ‘groovy’ may well allude to the finish of the new lamp, looking at the metal component being spun in the video, it does seem to have a sort of ribbed effect, also looks to be tubular, so possibly an entirely new form factor, or perhaps a ‘reboot’ of the Jet but in machined metal, which could be pretty neat.

A Jet reboot would be just amazing. Ive got several that could do with new bottles. And just imagine the thousands of jets, nordics, rockets and telstars that could get new bottles out there. Yes I think and hope you are right. The lathe does show a jet type shape. 

I hope it's a lava lamp at least, not something else lol. Would be great if they've mastered an LED lava lamp on the lines of the smart Astros. 

I doubt it is anything too fancy. My bet is it's a black brushed aluminum finish.

Got it. The link is for youtube. Hope it works.

It's an astro vinyl. Black with grooves. 

Looks really nice. I will be buying one. 


Thanks for the link, my Husband wants me to purchase one of these lamps, he loves vinyl.

Not sure if I want a black lamp but this is way nicer than the current matte black!

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