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Does anybody know what the new first 100 due to be released from Mathmos is? I'm guessing they will announced the actual item nearer the 15th June. I'm not on any social media sites to be able to take a look. Thanks for any info :)

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Groovy indeed!

Hrm torn…

I love my current matt blacks, but my first thought is “dust….”, that’s a lot of grooves for it to get in to!

I will get one of course, I’m just not sure I can see it replacing my usual matt blacks

Slightly disappointed its not something completely new, but pretty cool nonetheless.

had been toying with the idea of a black Astro, but this one looks much more interesting - liking the ‘bespoke’ box design as well.

Wish they would have given us some new colour options for this 'edition' though.

I too was hoping for something new, or at least something to expand the astrobaby or telstar ranges.

Astro already has a few variations, I've been wanting an astrobaby but I don't want plain shiny silver.

It's a great idea though, very effectively designed, the base will catch the light as well, making it look even more like a record. Whoever thought of the idea had an inspired moment :)

Braided cable aswell, nice touch (feared this would ship with the standard white cable, which looks pretty jarring with a black base)

Has anyone purchased one? I bought one for my hubby, although my basket crashed trying to pay, so I had to go through the process again, 3 mins past 11am lol. I'm hoping to surprise him with a first 100 lamp. I slipped up though, I meant to add a clear and plumb bottle, but added a yellow and orange instead, never mind, it's a small matter, I hope he likes it :)

I grabbed one, I also had basket issues but the receipt I got said 11:01 - no idea how accurate that is though, it felt longer.

It's the first time I've ordered something on release so I've no idea how fast the first 100 go.

The braided cord is a really nice touch, hopefully they'll carry it forward to other editions, the cables can sometimes look out of place

Hubby is excited, I really, really hope I made the cut it's his Birthday present. He's been out this morning so the purchase was down to me! No pressure there lol. He's just got back in and asked if I'd managed to order him one, yes my reply was, then followed by, erm, not sure if I made the 100 cut or not. He just loves the lamp, then I followed it up with the news of the wrong bottle colour (me rushing) but he's ok with that, we will use our existing clear and plum in there. It's the first time I've tried to buy a first 100 edition, seems very popular. Ours won't be sold on though, you often see low numbers appear on ebay within days of launch, that's annoying lol, especially when you wanted one to keep and not sell on. 

An idea for another Astro or Astro Baby lamp, a compact disc lamp. Iridescent finish, shiny like a compact disc...............:)

My receipt says 10.08? How does that work? It was gone 11 when i ordered it. So hopefully a first 100 but we'll see. I got the violet turquoise. My fav colourway. 

I was rather late to the game as i was out shopping. Fleetwood and Cleveleys are beautiful and stunning today. The waters off Blackpool are crystal clear and you can see right over to the isle of man. So I was a bit distracted. 

Checked my receipt it said 10.03, I guess that means 11.03 lol. What a distraction you had, sounds beautiful, its been years since we went to Blackpool, great place to visit. 

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