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Does anybody know what the new first 100 due to be released from Mathmos is? I'm guessing they will announced the actual item nearer the 15th June. I'm not on any social media sites to be able to take a look. Thanks for any info :)

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Looks awesome!

What's wrong with it, do you have any photos? Ours doesn't sit perfectly, it rocks a small amount, although we've pushed the bottom in as far as possible, it now only rocks slightly. 
Jezza said:

I always said that if it wasn't perfect it would be going back. It's not perfect so yeah, it's going back. Not at all impressed by this one. 

Here's another one for anyone that loves black and white items

That's a shame, we're waiting until ours has cooled down to be able to check older bottles in it. Earlier I placed an older bottle without a rim in the lamp, it went very crooked, I levelled it up and it moved again. There's three little plastic legs that don't sit on the surface of our glass cabinet, there's a gap so the lamp base can move. I've placed the lamp in various positions and it still won't sit with all feet on the ground. 

Jezza, I thought you were a big lava lamp collector with many lava lamps, are you going to give up the hobby? We don't collect them anymore, we only have two running and now a spare 90's astro. Plus one up for sale and one in storage. We moved into projected imagery, such as oil wheels, kaleidoscope lens effects. 

We did that, we just run two now. I was just going to run one, but it ended up two when Mathmos brought out a white astro baby bottle, I decided to keep the white astro baby. My hubby wanted the vinyl one, I was happy with the 90's brushed astro and the white one displayed together. I'd actually still been hunting for a white astro to replace the 90's one. I am always on the lookout for new bottles though, we will still buy those, but unless a white Astro is released I doubt we will buy anymore. 

Hubby and I think they need to release more bottles. I slipped up and ordered the wrong bottle colour in a rush to complete checkout for the vinyl. I'm not keen on their current line up of bottles, we only like the clear and plum and yellow and orange. We recently purchased a purple and red, pain in the rear to get going that bottle. We also purchased a blue and pink, but the fluid is that dark you cannot see the wax once it gets past half way up the bottle. We've left it out in bright light since Christmas, but it's not fading as yet. We stepped back in 2013, it's only recently that we started buying bottles again. Since 2013 we'd only been putting two lamps out in Autumn for Winter. But we keep two out all year round now. Clear bottles with plum wax when off, various colours when running. Although our vinyl lamp will not stand flat and it rocks because not all the feet are level, we still like it, I guess we were lucky and got a good one. We're actually pleased we didn't get a 1st 100, I'd have peeled the sticker off the lid and put it under the base somewhere. 

Winters when we use ours too, they cheer us up on the long dark evenings. In Summer these two lamps just sit there. Now they're running to test the Vinyl (both on the same plug, so just run them together) The purple and red is in the vinyl, pain in the rear still, but better than it ran in the old Astro base with a halogen in that. Tomorrow I must put something under three of the legs on the vinyl, it's not firm. I'm still on the lookout for a marble Astro, mind you I doubt I could get away with buying one at the moment. I'd have to sell my 50th anniversary lamp to pay for it lol. But hubbies happy, he loves his vinyl astro, I'm pleasantly surprised as I do too. 

We need more bottles, for the astro we have a yellow and orange, clear and red, clear and white, clear and plum, purple and red, yellow and very pale white pink, three in one and a blue and red. Astro Babies, yellow and red, yellow and purple, clear and white x 6 (went a bit stash happy with those) clear and turquoise, clear and plum, clear and red, purple and red. Yes more bottles required lol. 

Our biggest visual passion is our Solar 250 LED projector, we have a collection of oil wheels and a kaleidoscope lens for that, that's in our bedroom pointing at the ceiling, it's on every evening when we are watching TV. 

if there's one or two legs that are causing the isue it may be worth sanding them down a little rather than trying to prop them, just a thought.

The sticker doesn't look astounding, but I kinda get why they went with it, part of the whole record thing, it's suposed to look like the centre of a record.  At the end of the day my lamps are on my monitor stand on my desk, so I don't see the top of them anyway, so it's not a big deal :)  I also use them for cheering me up purposes, they are nice to look at when I've been staring at pdfs all day.

I thought about sanding them down, but there's quite a big gap, so I'd be taking a fair bit off the rest of the legs to make the ones that are shorter meet the ground. I may get courage to do it, but if I get it wrong lol, I'll end up with an even more wonky lamp. 

They are relaxing lava lamps are they, I became hooked at a very early age back in the 70's. Lava lamps, projector oil lamps, kaleidoscope effects and watching fish, good for relaxation. 

I noticed that there's already a 1st 100 up for sale on ebay. I missed out and the offer was still showing as being active, it was a few minutes after that they put the sold out notice on there. I bet the staff buy a few between them, so when it comes down to it there's probably not that many available. I bet a fair amount of them come up for sale on ebay too. 

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