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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has received their pre-order of a Mathmos Smart Astro yet. I ordered mine back in the middle of September and I've not received mine as yet. Hopefully they will be coming out soon, I paid for two as I ordered them.

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i ordered mine at 12.05pm on 15th september day of email notice release emai recieved 11.45am, i cant imagine hundreds of orders brior to the email time, i better get a low number lol
They've arrived. They look great, they are standing at the moment because they've been stirred up in transit so there's little bits of wax floating around, I've seen that before with other bottles that have been in transit, seems normal to me. I will heat them up when all the flakes have gone to the bottom.

The only thing that concerns me a little at this stage is I can see the water level on both bottles, that should go though when they heat.

The box isn't numbered the actual lamp bases have a numbered sticker on the bottom, no mention of limited edition etc (well, not that I can find) The stickers on mine say 00028 and 00111.

I must be really colour blind as the wax for the pink to me looks like purple. The wax for the yellow looks like a green...........excuse me while I dash off to get my eyes tested lol.

Looking great, cannot wait to set them up in place and heat them up.

Update to follow :)
thats great they've arrived! cant wait to see pics. would be great if you could take a vid to show the colour faze :)
I cannot wait to heat them up :) Sorry, I cannot take a vid, don't yet have that technology, never felt the need to buy it yet lol, hides my head in shame....................................

I will post photos though, hope that helps :)
photos will be great, no worries :D
LOL, I will get some pics of the lamps in a mo, I'm just going to set them up.

Looks like they are possibly packed to order, the boxes are not marked showing which colour option is chosen. The lowest number one was packed with the yellow wax.

I'm going to set them up now and will add pics in a minute.
Here's some photos, you can just make out that the wax is lit. The room they are in isn't bright, too early to tell yet though as I've only just switched them on.

I've struggled to get them to stand up straight and the bottles are not fitting correctly on the base, so I'm not sure if they are sitting on the heating plate, hope that isn't going to cause a problem when they run.
The photos show up the light much better than you can actually see it.
the colours look really pretty, cant wait to see them flowing!
Yes, they run on a transformer which you attach to the lamp by plugging it into the bottom of the base. There is a small circular heating plate that is around 1cm wide and it runs around the edge of the base. The LED's can be seen through the middle of the heating plate (if that makes sense lol). The wax is just starting to lift up a bit now. The fazing of the colours on one of the lamps seems to go much quicker than the other. The blue will be stunning, it is really bright blue............
cant wait for the flow!
LOL, I'm terrible, I should be cleaning the house but I'm sat watching the lamps instead!!!! As soon as the wax moves I will post some more pics.

They are very smart to look at, they have a real nice shine to the metal work too.

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